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Our Top 3 Most Popular Products This Summer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Aug 18, 2017

Summer is the busiest time of year for many of our customers. It's the height of the spray season which means the team here at Sprayer Depot is hard at work to make sure our customers get what they need.  

Take a look at a few of our most popular products of the summer:

High Pressure Spray Hose

Lawn, Pest & Ag high pressure spray hose is available by the roll, pre-cut length, or by the foot. 

Intended for pesticides, fertilizer, insecticides, horticultural solutions, and other agricultural spray applications, it's made of  kink-resistant rugged PVC and is a flexible, lightweight design.

hose.jpgJD9-C High Pressure Spray Gun

This heavy duty spray gun is adjustable from a fine mist to a long distance pencil stream by turning the barrel.


Hypro Diaphragm Pump -  D30 

This Hypro medium pressure diaphragm pump is recommended for spraying herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and many other hard-to-handle fluids. Pressure and output are designed for optimum performance of small to medium-sized sprayers.



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6 Things All Pest Control Operators Want in a Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Aug 15, 2017

As a professional pest control applicatorthe single most important tool for the trade is most likely your sprayer but as you probably know, all sprayers are not the same. 50-Gallon-Skid-Sprayer.jpgNo matter what the application though, the primary goal of a sprayer is to provide an even and controlled application of the pesticide. To that aim, we've compiled a list of the six features that all pest control operators want in a sprayer.

1) Pump Specifications

Features such as flow rate, pressure, and whether the 9910-D30GRGI-actual2-3.jpgpump operates on gas or electric power are the types of specifications which will differ depending on the intended application, the type of pesticide used, and the amount of coverage desired. For instance, the Hypro D30GRGI pump used with the   JD9-C spray gun delivers a particularly strong flow rate at a high pressure, allowing the operator to reach heights of up to 40 feet, which is ideal for reaching the pesky wasp nests that are often found in roof eaves. 

2) Spray Distance

With pin stream or misting spray guns, extended spray distances are possible whether pesticide is applied  in vertical or horizontal directions. Again, this type of application is excellent for targeting wasp nests in roof eaves, even on taller multiple storied homes. 

3) Durability

When considering the durability of a sprayer, one of the most important components to consider is the frame. At Sprayer Depot, we carry the complete line of Kings Sprayers, built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frames which are lightweight, chemical resistant and will never rust or need painting.

4) Add-On Options

Another feature that is important to consider is the available add-on options. Most sprayers l have several additional add-on components available such as different length hoses, hose reels and booms. Having add-ons to use with your sprayer may give you a range of slightly different uses or allow various other types of applications. 

5) Warranty

As with any tool of your trade, having a warranty gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event that your sprayer has a malfunction. Not all sprayers have warranties, however there are some like Kings Sprayers that come with a very generous warranty. King Sprayers offers a 5 year frame / 5 year tank / 1 year parts and labor (limited to manufacturer defects) warranty. 

6) Quality

Lastly, probably the most important thing that pest control operators look for in sprayers is quality.  The question of quality boils down to the type of components including frame, pump, tank, and spray hose. The manufacturer of the sprayer is also a mark of quality. Sprayers made by Kings Sprayers are built from the ground up in Orlando, FL which is one of the reasons why Kings is a leader in the industry. 

When it comes time to make your sprayer purchase, be sure to give some thought to these six features. At Sprayer Depot, we understand your need for high quality and consumer tested and verified sprayers, and want to help you select the right sprayer for your needs. If you have any questions or need some recommendations, contact one of our knowledgeable customer service technicians today! 


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Social Media Connects Us to Our Customers

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Aug 09, 2017

These days, many professional spray applicators seek information online. That's why at Sprayer Depot, we maintain a strong commitment to our social media channels. social-media.jpgBeing responsive allows us to connect with our customers and provide them with information where and when they need it.  

The 140 character maximum on Twitter may seem like a limitation when it comes to tools, but the quick communication style is a perfect way to reach us about problems big or small.  It also allows us to convey important news, share cool links or updates about our business.

With lots of product images and behind-the-scenes pics, followers can easily peer inside our average days using Instagram.  Visuals are vital! And viewing a picture of a sprayer part instead of simply reading a product description can make it easier to identify the parts and equipment you need.

Looking for instructional videos? Visit our Youtube channel to see more than 30 helpful videos.  Available 24/7  these videos cover topics such as product repairs, sprayer operations and more. Of course, our expert Customer Service Technicians are available by phone, email and live chat. We're always happy to help. 

With Google+ , it's easier than ever to quickly type #sprayerequipment or similar hashtagged phrases to follow topics or comment threads. Plus, with no character limits, it's a great forum to exchange information or dialogue requiring longer explanations or descriptions.

A successful Facebook page is more than simply having followers, it's about offering valuable content. Recently announced, followers can now write a review directly on a company Facebook page.  The reviews can help potential customers clients look for an objective opinion, plus provides valuable feedback for our customer service team. We're proud of our 4.7 star rating (out of 5) and work hard to maintain a high customer satisfaction rating.

We even have LinkedIn to help us with all things business.  Suppliers, distributors and any other companies know where to find us.

Still, it's not about having these platforms. It's about our customers, it's about answering the email, the phones and the chats with the best possible answers we can provide.  The better we can respond to customers, the better we are doing our jobs.  And the better we do our jobs, the more people we have to help.


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35 Gallon Skid Sprayer Comparison Guide: At-a-Glance

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Aug 01, 2017

Small capacity skid sprayers are frequently used in the lawn & landscape, pest control, golf & recreation and nursery industries, and most of the business we serve own at least one of these popular types of sprayers.

In this prior post we talked about the reasons an economy spot sprayer is beneficial to keep in your sprayer inventory and in this post, we'll compare 3 small capacity skid sprayers to take a closer look at some of the key features most important to spray applicators.

 Manufacturer Fimco Kings Sprayers Master MFG
 Sprayer Type 40 Gallon Skid Sprayer 35 Gallon Skid Sprayer 35 Gallon Skid Sprayer
 Sprayer Image Fimco-Skid-Sprayer.jpg Kings-35-Gallon-Skid.jpg   Master-MFG-Skid-Sprayer.jpg
Price $780.56 $625 $999 
Frame Steel 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum  Steel
Pump 12 V Diaphragm Pump 12 V ShurFLO Pump  12 V ShurFLO Pump
Hose Length 15' 30'  200'
Hose Reel No NO  YES
PSI 45 150  100
Adjustable Pressure YES YES  YES
Agitation NO YES  YES
Warranty 90 Days 5 Year Frame/5 Year Tank/ 1 Year Parts & Labor 1 Year Limited Warranty
Ship Time 1-3 Weeks Ships Same Day  7-11 Days

Shop All Kings Sprayers

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Don't Ignore Your Spray Nozzles!

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jul 28, 2017

They may be small but they happen to be one of the most critical (and easy to replace) component of your spray equipment and should definitely not be underestimated! Hypro flat fan spray tip.jpgSpray nozzles, like any other part of your spray equipment inventory, should be routinely checked for problems or issues that could impact the delivery of your fluids. For optimum efficacy and trouble free applications take a moment to inspect your spray nozzles-it's a simple task but could save you time and money at the end of the day! 

When inspecting your spray nozzles, consider the following three factors which can help to determine what you should be looking for and what steps to take, should you have any issues. 

Nozzle Material

Spray nozzles are available in various materials that are ideally suited for different sprayers, and the type of fluid that will be applied. Some of the materials used in the most popular of spray nozzles include ceramic, silicon carbide, and polyacetal, which all are generally highly resistant to wear. Other materials used for spray nozzles include stainless steel, brass or even titanium especially for highly corrosive applications. Often spray nozzles that require chemical resistance are made of thermoplastics like Teflon or polyvinylidine difluoride (PVDF), a specialty plastic used with solvents, bases or acids. 

Because every spray nozzle will vary in terms of their use, the type and quality of fluid that is used, and frequency of use, the service life of each nozzle will also vary considerably. Polyacetal nozzles for instance, tend to last almost twice as long as stainless steel nozzles. In addition, the temperature of your application is also an important factor in determining the service life of your nozzle since some materials like metals, in particular, cast iron and stainless steel, are more resistant to higher temperature applications than other materials, like plastics. 

Type of Application

Spray nozzles need to be checked if there is a change in the type of application since each nozzle is usually compatible with specific types of fluids and applications. To help you determine the appropriate spray nozzle for your particular needs, check out our previous blog post which details the primary considerations for choosing the correct spray nozzle and even includes selection guides from TeeJet and Hypro, two of our most popular spray nozzle manufacturers. 

General Wear and Tear

Like all spray equipment, spray nozzles are subject to general wear and tear caused by normal use over time. Be particularly aware of any visible signs of erosion or damage which may cause changes to the application of your fluids. If your spray pattern is altered or the flow is interrupted, this could be a sign of a faulty or failing nozzle. Being observant about such minor aberrations can save you wasted costs, time, and energy in the long run. 

Routine inspections of your spray nozzles can be performed easily, without any special tools, and ideally should be done with each use. Be sure to check out our website for the largest selection of spray nozzles when it comes time for ordering a replacement and if you should need any assistance or have questions, don't hesitate to contact one of our professional and experienced Customer Service Technicians for help you all your spray equipment, parts, and accessory needs! 

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Core Values are Front-and-Center at Sprayer Depot

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Jul 26, 2017

Sprayer Depot is committed to not only quality spray equipment products, but quality customer service. We remain dedicated to a set of core values that inspires everything we do.
The satisfaction of our customers matters to us. We realize that hard-working people want reliability and care from those they do business with so we've instituted core values that are the very foundation of all that we believe in:

We're fun and easy to do business with: 

We are dedicated to creating a fun atmosphere of openness and trust. We want our customers to be able to ask any questions, big or small. Our ears are open, core-values.jpgbut we also seek to find the right solutions to any problem or situation that may arise. Our relationship with our customers is forged with trust and relies on mutual friendliness to sustain itself. This reflects our relaxed company culture where good conversations and easy laughter are shared.

We strive for perfection:

Striving for perfection is something we pride ourselves on. Our employees are highly trained and knowledgeable; they are serious about delivering on our promise to provide quality products and the know-how to support them. Our intuitive and responsive team will strive toward providing you with the exact solution you need. We do everything to the best of our ability and never settle for a less. Above all else, we are dedicated to finding the right solution. We strive to identify any imperfections in our processes, and we communicate them openly. We value honesty and transparency because we believe it's what our customers deserve.

We take initiative:

At Sprayer Depot we take initiative to identify when action needs to be taken. Ingenuity and resourcefulness depend on identifying issues and working through a process to completion. We never assume that we have done enough to satisfy our valued customers, and we follow through on this commitment to provide quality service on a day-to-day basis. 

Our core value matter to us because our customers matter. Contact us today. 


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Broad Spectrum Herbicides: Always Read & Follow The Label

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jul 21, 2017

Reprinted in-part from Hypro-Pentair                            

When it comes to broad spectrum herbicides like Dicamba, it's important to always pay attention to the guidelines on the label. 

Image 7-21-17 at 4.19 PM.jpgThe label includes all of the vital information a spray operator needs to know before applying a chemical, like:
 ŸŸŸŸŸ*Application Rate
 *Approved Spray Nozzles
 *Application Rate
 *Boom Height
 *Acceptable Wind Speeds
 *Buffer Zones



Quick Select Charts for Dicamba Nozzles

Hypro's Quick Select Chart for Dicamba Nozzles provides you a simple way to determine which label-approved nozzle is right for your specific application.

Using the chart is quick and easy:
  1. Simply find your nozzle spacing and application rate from the columns provided.
  2. Scan down the column to find your desired speed range, and 
  3. Ta-da - you have just selected the right label-approved nozzle for your application! You also have the speed range at which you can use it. 


See the recommended spray tips on our website.   

For more information about label-approved nozzles from Hypro, click here.   


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Product Highlight: Flow Meters

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jul 14, 2017

Liquid meters, flow gauges, or flow indicators are all terms that are used interchangeably to refer to what is most commonly called a flow meter. Flowmeter-389.jpgA flow meter is a type of instrument that measures the amount of fluid, liquid, or gas (the flow) that travels through a piece of equipment. There are a few different types of flow meters that, depending on the industry and the application, will differ in the method of measurement. 

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

The most frequently used type of flow meter is the positive displacement flow meter which is also the most unique type because it accumulates a fixed volume of fluid first and then counts how many times this set volume is filled to give the total measurement of flow. This is the only type of flow meter that gives an exact measurement of volume, other flow meters use some other measurement as a variable which is then used to give a final flow rate. The Green Garde Flow Master Electronic Digital Flow Meter is an example of a reliable positive displacement flow meter that works well with a variety of pressures and applications. This electronic flow meter is ideal for use with the JD9-C high pressure spray gun which gives you total control over every application. The Green Garde Flow Master can handle volumes up to 10,000 gallons and has no moving parts which ensure trouble free operation. 

Mass Flow Meter

Mass flow meters are another type of flow meter that use the mass of the liquid or gas to determine the flow rate.  Thermal and Coriolis flow meters use this type of measurement as does the ARAG® Electromagnetic Visual-Flow Flowmeter 0.13-2.6 GPM which can be used across a wide variety of applications and has superb accuracy with 0.5% error. The ARAG Flowmeter also has a very high resistance to turbulence and integrates easily with existing rate controllers. 

Velocity Flow Meter

The measurement of the flow rate by the velocity of a liquid or gas is used by velocity flow meters. Turbines, electromagnetic, sonar, and propellers use velocity flow meters. 

No matter what your application or industry, the type of flow meter you choose will have a big impact on your flow control and productivity. Whatever your specific needs require, Sprayer Depot has a wide range of flow meters and accessories to help you monitor your applications with ease and accuracy!


Topics: Sprayer Parts, JD9 Spray Gun, sprayer accessories, flow meter

5 Reasons Why You Should Never be Without Personal Protective Equipment

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Jul 11, 2017

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) keeps professional spray applicators safe from chemical exposure and other job hazards. Here are five reasons why it's important to never be without the right protective gear:

  1. Dangerous Materials: Skin irritation and burns from various chemicals can be easily avoidable with a pair of nitrile gloves. A few bucks can easily save you weeks of discomfort or serious health consequences. Some nitrile gloves (such as the ones linked) even offer puncture and abrasion protection.
  2. Dangerous Tools: Different spray jobs require different PPE.jpgequipment, and most situations call for various PPE items. Are you spraying a lawn area with a spray gunEven if you’re only using water, safety glasses are a necessity; you never know when a small piece of debris may bounce back toward your eyes.
  3. Dangerous WorkplacesSome workplaces, like busy roads or highways, are far more dangerous without proper PPE. For example, wearing a safety vest helps to ensure that drivers can see you as you work on or near a road, even at night!
  4. Dangerous ExposureNot all personal protection seems urgent, but it’s all important. Sometimes, a job that you thought might take an hour takes all afternoon. If it’s a sunny hot day, being caught outside can be a painful lesson to learn as you try to keep cool and avoid sunburn without a good hat.
  5. Show You’re Professional: Having appropriate PPE is important for personal safety, but it also helps to show that you’re professional and that you take a job seriously. If you want to make a good impression for you or your business, start with good PPE.

    Shop All PPE and Safety Equipment 

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3 Tips for Summer Tree Spraying

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Jul 05, 2017

Proper tree care is a year-round commitment and requires attention in all four seasons. Many people mistakenly think that spring and fall are the tree-spraying-1.jpgmain seasons for tree care, but the summer months are actually the most important times for the application of tree care.

Here are 3 main tree issues requiring attention in the summer months:

  1. Summer Disease Control: Dutch elm disease (DED) is caused by a member of the sac fungi (Ascomycota) affecting elm trees, and is spread by elm bark beetles. Symptoms of Dutch elm disease will begin to show up in infected trees in the summer. Trees growing in proximity to decaying stumps or other infected trees can become infected, so it is important not only to remove old dead stumps but protect live trees with proper care from a certified Arborist. Chemical spray applications are effective if applied in a timely manner.
  2. Summer Fungus Control: Spraying for most leaf fungus diseases is typically done by early to mid-July. Fungal leaf diseases of ornamental trees often are frustrating problems. Fungicides must be applied preventively to successfully manage spores that were released early in the growing season. Fungicide sprays should begin when the first signs of growth are noticed.
  3. Summer Pest Control: Late spring and early summer is when pests emerge to start feeding on trees. For example, Japanese Beetles and Bagworms are common leaf eating pests that can diminish a tree’s ability to survive hot and dry conditions and cause defoliation. Inspecting for pests and treating as necessary is a critical part of a comprehensive tree care plan.

Using the right spray equipement for the job is essential, and our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians are here to help. Call us at 800-228-0905, use the LIVE CHAT feature on our website, contact us via our social media channels, or leave a question in the comment box below if you need assistance. No matter how you reach out, we're here to help.

Topics: tree spraying, tree care, tall tree spraying

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