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3 Myths About Custom Sprayers

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Mar 27, 2015

Customizing a sprayer is simple and easy when you order from Sprayer Depot. Many people assume that anything "custom-built" is unaffordable or out of reach. Or that customizations equal complicated, and not worth the hassle. When it comes to sprayers... that is simply not true. 

Here, we'll debunk three myths about custom sprayers that were discussed in our recent Monthly Deal Finder newsletter and review some of the more common modifications you might consider with your next sprayer purchase.

Myth #1: Custom sprayers are expensive so only big companies can afford the price tag.

Fact: It may surprise you that some of the common modifications that our customers request are relatively inexpensive.

Myth #2: Custom sprayers require major modifications.

Fact: Whether you require a dozen modifications or simply need something like a bigger hose reel or a low-profile tank, no customization is too big or too small.

Myth #3: Custom sprayers are hard to come by.  

Fact: In 2014 we built more than 500 custom sprayers here at Sprayer Depot. Acquiring a sprayer with just the right features is just a click or call away.

IMG_2582  IMG_3737 


Now that we have those out of the way, let’s talk about some examples of sprayer modifications that might make for a better product for your unique needs.

Option: So the sprayer listed comes with a manual hose reel but you’d prefer an electric rewind hose reel. That’s no problem.

Option: Most of the sprayers we carry come standard with 150 feet of hose, but it’s an easy fix to add more hose to the hose reel if that’s necessary for  your line of work.

Option: You want a different engine than the one that comes on the sprayer? It’s also possible to change the gas engine to an electric start engine.

Option: Changing the tank size is an easy fix. We have a variety of poly tanks that could work for your needs and a number of frames that can be modified for that purpose.

We've made some of our most requested modifications available as stock sprayers that you can easily shop on our website at Shown above is a custom-built 300 gallon 4-wheel sprayer on the right, next to a 50 gallon skid sprayer that has been placed in the back of the a new Kubota utility vehicle. Each has a unique use and modifications that suit each customer’s needs.

The team at Sprayer Depot is one of the most experienced in the industry, and a simple conversation with one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians is all it takes to turn your ideas into the sprayer of your dreams. Call (800) 228-0905 and get the conversation started.

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