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3 Products all Landscapers Want

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Jan 30, 2018

If you're in the lawn care industry then you know that having the right equipment is what carries you from one client to the next.  In addition to that, the right equipment not only saves time, but it gets you noticed by potential future clients. Having the professional tools to complete a particular job in a timely manner is what customers love to see, and every happy customer is a walking and talking billboard for your landscaping business.

Whether you're applying pesticides, herbicides and/or other chemicals to turf, trees, or shrubs, there are three products that are on most  landscaper's "wish list".  Let's take a closer look at these items:

  1. The first product to consider adding to your equipment inventory is the JD9-C High Pressure Spray Gun. This heavy duty spray gun features JD9C-Spray-Gun.jpg800 psi max and is adjustable from fine mist to a long distance pencil stream by turning the barrel. Additionally, this gun will accept a variety of tips, nozzles and root feeders. It's extremely durable and its precision design and can handle most chemicals.
  2. Another item that tops the list is an electric hose reel. Electric hose reels offer the advantage of being faster and more efficient than manual hose reels.  With a wide assortment of models from well known brands like Hannay and Titan, order by 5:00  p.m. (ET) and it will ship the SAME day.
  3.  The Hypro D30GRGI & Honda GX160 Engine Assembly caps the "wish list".  The D30 pump on this combo unit offers 9.5 GPM, 580 psi, GS40GI control unit and gear reduction (fits 3/4" D30and55ps-actual-1.jpgshafts ). These Hypro medium pressure diaphragm pumps are recommended for spraying herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and many other hard-to-handle fluids. The engine in this unit is a 5.5 HP Honda Commercial Grade Engine With Recoil Start. Additionally it comes with a 3 Year Commercial Warranty.



Investing in the right professional equipment should result in improved time management and increased productivity. Let the friendly and experienced team at Sprayer Depot help you today!  With more than 40 years of experience, the team at Sprayer Depot serves the lawn and landscape, pest control, golf and recreation, agricultural and horticultural industries.

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