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Father's Day at Sprayer Depot

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Mon, Jun 04, 2018

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the DIY Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner, and we've rounded up some products we think Dad will love! If the men in your life don't need another tie, or aren't "tie guys" to begin with, they will enjoy the following spray accessories:

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Topics: sprayer supplies, spray accessories, father's day, Hypro, FMC John Bean, Super Swivel, landscaping

Product Highlight: SHURflo Pumps

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jun 01, 2018

SHURflo Pumps at Sprayer Depot

SHURFLO® pumps are widely used on professional spray equipment. A leading provider of fluid transfer solutions, SHURFLO® offers a variety of pumps to fit your needs. Let's take a closer look at some of our most popular models:

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Topics: SHURflo pumps, Diaphragm pumps, Ag Sprayers

Visit Sprayer Depot’s Headquarters and Local Showroom!

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Thu, May 24, 2018

At Sprayer Depot, we are proud to serve our customers both online, and at our physical location in Orlando, Florida. Our business spans the U.S., making online shopping the only option for a large portion of our clientele. However, customers in the Central Florida area are welcome to visit our retail and warehouse space in North Orlando. 

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Topics: Sprayer Depot, showroom, spray equipment, sprayer supplies

Spring Has Finally Sprung – Stock Up on Spraying Supplies with Free Shipping

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, May 23, 2018

Some have awaited this Spring’s arrival longer than others, but we think it’s safe to say Spring is officially here! With May flowers come a fair number of landscape pests. Let Sprayer Depot help combat a host of grubs, moths, and other creepy crawlies with free shipping on spray equipment, sprayer parts, and sprayer accessories.

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Topics: Pest management, landscapping, solo sprayers, handheld sprayer, Backpack Sprayer, b&g sprayer, Spray Hose, spray equipment, spring checklist, spring pests

Sprayer Depot is Your Hypro Pump Headquarters

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Thu, Apr 26, 2018

One of the many types of spray equipment that we offer at Sprayer Depot are Hypro pumps. We sell a wide variety of sprayer parts and equipment, and in addition to Hydro pumps, we sell Hypro pump parts and accessories from couplers and adapters, to a premier pump oil, to specialty pump repair kits. We're one of the largest suppliers of professional spray equipment, sprayer parts and accessories in the U.S. 

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Important Information About Spraying For Gypsy Moths

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Apr 20, 2018

Gypsy moth caterpillars can do a lot of damage to trees by eating all the leaves. You can often  tell if trees have been invaded by gypsy moth caterpillars by looking for the black spots under the trees,  all over the ground; this is caterpillar poop. Additionally, you may see moths flying around close to the trees.  Gypsy moths are most often found on Oak, Aspen, Willow, and Birch trees. Gypsy moths can be devastating for the trees and for the environment.

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Our Most Popular 2-Wheel Sprayers

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Apr 13, 2018

Sprayer Depot offers a variety of popular 2-wheel sprayers. Our 2-wheel sprayers are manufactured with top of the line components and a lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum frame; additionally, our featured 2-wheel sprayer tanks are offered in several sizes, including 50, 100, and 200 gallon. Whatever you're spraying, Sprayer Depot has the 2-wheel sprayer to meet your needs.

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What You Need To Know About Backpack Sprayers

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Mar 30, 2018

Backpack sprayers are widely used by lawn care, pest control and other spray application professionals who need to work in small, hard-to-reach areas where large equipment might not be the ideal tool. In addition, backpack sprayers carry more volume than a handheld sprayer thus making them an efficient option for many spray jobs.

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Hypro ULD Nozzles Recommended on Dicamba

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Mar 16, 2018

Decades ago Roundup systemic herbicide was a breakthrough ag chemical that killed all weeds. Monsanto later developed crops that were immune to Roundup so fields could be sprayed “over the top”, further boosting sales. Since then Roundup-resistant weeds have arrived and now to kill all weeds a new more powerful herbicide has been created, Dicamba (sometimes shown as Roundup Xtendimax), along with Dicamba tolerant crops (corn, soybeans, cotton).

See all the label approved nozzles from Hyro HERE.


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Get Ready For Spraying Season By Doing These 3 Things

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Sun, Mar 11, 2018

Spring is almost here and that means that the spraying season is about to begin for many of our customers. In this post we'll revisit a few of our top recommendaitons to make sure you're ready to make the most of spray season:

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