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Helpful Apps For Spray Applicators

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Spraying for pest control, agriculture or lawn and landscape maintenance requires precision and planning. Today there are apps that can help spray applicators with everything from figuring out the right tank mixing sequences to capturing product usage rates. Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, these apps simplify planning while increasing control for the professional spray applicator. 

Mix Tank App

Designed by Precision Laboratories, Mix Tank assists agricultural applicators with creating the correct tank mixing sequence for crop protection products. Easy to use and designed for usage on the go, Mix Tank is based on best practices for preferred tank mixing sequences using crop protection formulation types. It does require a wireless data connection to provide factor information such as weather and location data. You can select from five categories - herbicides, PGRs and defoliants; fungicides and bactericides; insecticides, IGRs and miticides; adjuvants; and foliar nutrition. Clicking on any of the main five categories offers a comprehensive list of products. You can also save frequently used selections to "favorites". The app offers useful suggestions and also generates and maintains accurate Spray Logs for record keeping. The Spray Logs contain time and date information as well as all product selections. You can easily email and share your Spray Log details right from the app. Creating a Spray Log enables you to develop a detailed Mix Sheet that contains information such as field size (hectares or square meters), spray volume (gallons or liters) and tank size (gallons or liters). Whether you are spraying for lawn & landscape or for agricultural purposes, Mix Tank offers the convenience of capturing product usage rates and application information with Mix Sheets.

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√ Creates the correct tank mixing sequence for crop protection products

√ Comprehensive category selection options

√ Captures product usage rates and application information with Mix Sheets

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Mix Tank is compatible with iOS 6.0 and later.


Teejet SpraySelect App

The Teejet SpraySelect app makes it easy to swiftly find the right spray tip or sprayer nozzle for your application. After you have entered the speed, spacing and target rate, you can select the right drop size from the drop-down list of eight different droplet size classifications. The app offers a list of tips for your chosen application. Designed by TeeJet Technologies, this app is suitable for farmers, sprayer operators, golf supervisors, and anyone involved with chemical mixing. Teejet SpraySelect is a popular app due to its easy-to-use interface with large visual images, scrolling, and tap options. Choose from different speed selections (0.5 to 30 mph) to spacing (1 to 60 inches) and target rate (0 to 500 GPA) to determine drop size selections on the home screen. Select from four different application types - systemic, contact, soil applied and droplet size to receive a list of recommended nozzle selections.

teejet app resized 600                                                     teejet app


√ Helps you choose the right tip or nozzle for your spray application

√ Eight different droplet size classifications

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and Android devices. SpraySelect is compatible with iOS 5.1 and later. Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


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