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How to Operate the Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Mon, Jun 16, 2014

Ideal Sprayer for Tree, Shrub & Turf Spraying

Kings 2 wheel sprayerThe Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer (also called a "trailer sprayer") is equipped with a diaphragm pump and boomless nozzle. It's an ideal sprayer for tree, shrub and turf spraying. It can be pulled with a utlility vehicle or compact trailer. It's commonly used for spraying lawns, pastures, golf courses and athletic fields. 

Same Day Shipping

The Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer (model # KT100P20BN22) is a QuickShip sprayer.  All QuickShip sprayers ship the same day!* Reduce downtime and increase productivity: Order by 12:00 p.m. (EST) and get same day shipping.

Operating Instructions for the Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer (model # KT100P20BN22)

To start the engine make sure the gas is on, the choke is on, and the throttle is all the way down.

  • Turn the on switch on; pull the starter to turn the engine on

  • Once the engine engages, set the throttle

  • To engage the pressure, flip the green switch

  • To increase the pressure, turn the tip clockwise

  • To decrease the pressure, turn the tip counter clockwise

  • Use the black switch to engage the agitator

  • Add your chemical to the tank to mix

  • The gun is fully adjustable from a cone to a jet

  • Use the gun for distance applications

  • To use the spray arm, locate the lever on the extra length of hose

  • To turn off the engine, disengage the pressure, throttle down, and turn off the power switch

Instructional Video

See it in action! Watch this helpful Instruction Video:  How to Operate the Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer 


*Order must be placed by 12:00 p.m. 

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