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Music Highlights from the Sprayer Depot Warehouse

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Aug 12, 2014

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On any given day in our warehouse and showroom you’ll hear an eclectic mix of musical selections. Often the volume is turned up to sprayer shaking amplitude with heads bobbing to the beat of the current tune. Yes, there’s the occasional head banging too. Maybe a few air guitars in view as the team fulfills an online quick ship sprayer order or conducts inventory in the showroom. Either way, the team at Sprayer Depot has an eclectic track of favorite hits.

The guys in our warehouse and showroom came up with a list of the top 10 Sprayer Depot songs to jam to. You might guess a few, especially if you’ve stopped by our retail location lately, but below is the full lineup.

It’s safe to say that if we made a greatest hits album, here’s what it would look like:

1. Bob Marley Night Shift
2. Bob Marley Wake Up and Live
3. Grateful Dead Scarlet Begonias / Fire On the Mountain
4. Dave Matthews Band Jimi Thing
5. Dave Matthews Band Granny
6. Rebelution Good Vibes
7. Rebelution Courage to Grow
8. Jerry Garcia Band Let It Rock
9. Mumford & Sons Babel
10. Mumford & Sons The Boxer

On top of that, if you’re lucky enough to stop in on any given Friday, the Sprayer Depot team, led by DJ Evodio, has a tradition. To kick-off the weekend, the team listens to the same Bob Marley concert from Santa Barbara every Friday. It’s a classic that never gets old.

What songs keep you motivated at work? Better yet, what would your own greatest hits album include?

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