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What's in YOUR strainer?

Posted by Dan Rose on Mon, Aug 01, 2011

3 Reasons to Check your Strainer

The  strainer is one of the easiest parts of your spray equipment to check and maintain.  It's easy to access and it just takes a few minutes to check.  However, it's also one of the easiest parts to forget:  It's often overlooked because of its simplicity. All sorts of things can get caught in the strainer and keep your equipment from working at full capacity. Chemical build-up, leaves, frogs (this is more common than you may think), and other debris are common culprits.

Another reason to check the strainer regularly is to check the integrity of the mesh. Make sure there are no holes or rust. In addition, check the seal to make sure it is still pliable.

When checking your strainer, make sure the equipment is not under pressure and the valves are off.

 Clear Bowl "T" Strainers 

BanjoMiniClear actualWant an easier way to check the strainer for debris? Consider using a strainer with a clear bowl.  You could check for chemical build up, leaves and frogs with out taking apart the strainer.

To find more helpful tips on how to keep you equipment running great, click the link below.

Click HERE to Download "9 Great Tips to Help  Your Equipment Last Longer"

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