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A Comprehensive Guide to Winterizing Your Spray Equipment

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tue, Nov 13, 2012

Properly winterizing your spray equipment is important to ensure safe storage during the winter months. Following these steps may take a little extra effort and energy now, but will save time and money in the spring, plus help the equipment last longer! Kings 2 Wheel Sprayer

  1. Solutions rinsed/drained from spray equipment contain residues. Make sure to select a location to clean the equipment where any spilled residues will not contaminate water supplies, streams, crops, or other plants. Make sure puddles will not form and be accessable to humans, pets, livestock or wildlife.
  2. Personal Safety is #1 so remember to wear protective gear when cleaning herbicide or pesticide equipment. Don't forget to wear protective eye gear!
  3. Flush the sysptem with clean water.
  4. Drain the tank and open all valves.
  5. Run the pump just long enough to ensure that the system is drained of water.
  6. Run antifreeze through the system long enough to reach any hoses and booms (We recommend diluting the antifreeze 50/50 with water).
  7. Store anything removable (guns, nozzle tips & strainers) in a clean, dry place.
  8. Cover any openings on the sprayer so that dirt, insects, etc. cannot enter the equipment.
  9. Make sure to drain all tanks and lines; use compressed air to blow out any liquid from solution lines.

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