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Why One Customer Decided to Build a Custom Sprayer

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tue, Jan 21, 2014

Contributed by Guest Blogger:  Brandon Grossman, Sales Manager-Sprayer Depot 

One Customer's Story:  Gathering the Right Information

There are many reasons why a customer may choose a custom-built sprayer versus buying a standard "off the shelf" sprayer.  We recently received an inquiry from Don at Integrity Termite & Pest Control Company, in Edgewater, Florida. He wanted a skid sprayer, but with custom dimensions: He parks his work vehicle at his home every night and has to abide by his neighborhood's Home Owner's Association's (HOA) rules regarding commercial vehicles.  

The HOA rules allow commercial vehicles to park overnight, but has strict guidelines stating that NO equipment is allowed to be visible over the side of the truck bed. This rule limits the size of the spray equipment he can use.

By the time he called Sprayer Depot, he had already spoken with a few manufacturers in his area, but was told they only had stock models and could not customize the units.  

The Solution

Sprayer Depot offered a solution. We recommended that Don consider a low profile tank and custom frame.  Our sales and manufacturing departments worked together and designed a custom frame and pump/engine assembly that would fit all of Don’s needs.  The design successfully concealed the sprayer within the truck bed, yet provided enough power to perform both termite and pest control applications.  

Exceeded Expectations

Sprayer Depot not only met the 21” max height requirement for the truck bed, but beat it by 4”!  This is just one customer's story about how and why they decided to build a custom sprayer. There are a multitude of other customers who have made the same choice. Many thanks to Don at Integrity Temite and Pest Control Company in Edgewater, FL for sharing his story and the great pictures. Take a look at Don’s custom sprayer! 

custom built sprayer


Kings custom-built sprayer 


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