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Get Ready For Spraying Season By Doing These 3 Things

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Sun, Mar 11, 2018

Spring is almost here and that means that the spraying season is about to begin for many of our customers. In this post we'll revisit a few of our top recommendaitons to make sure you're ready to make the most of spray season:

  1. Check The Temperature:  Only operate your sprayer when the outside temperature is above freezing. If liquid freezes in any of the lines or hoses, it can cause damage and effect the performace of the sprayer.  If needed, spray hose is easily replaced and is available by the roll or by the foot
  2. Flush Your Sprayer:  Before starting your sprayer for the first time this season, flush it out before you use it. After a long winter of sitting idle, it's important run clean water through it before you start it up.
  3. Restock Extra Parts: Keep backstock of the parts you jd9_C.jpguse the most so in the case of a breakdown or emergency you have what you need on hand and can reduce downtime. Popular parts to keep on hand include spray tips and nozzles, a spray gun repair kit like this one for the popular JD9-C spray gun. Spring is an ideal time to take inventory, and restock extra parts.

Need help figuring out which spray tips or nozzles to order? Our Customer Service Technicians are just a call away. 800-228-0905.


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