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Kings Sprayers: 5 Best Sellers of 2015

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Jan 13, 2016

January is the perfect time to look back at the previous year and evaluate the things that worked 1-430334282238.jpgand those that might need a bit of improvement. We thought about some of the products that were a huge hit with customers this past year and Kings Sprayers definitely topped the list.

We offer more than 30,000 products available for purchase at, including a wide selection of sprayers. We manufacture the Kings Sprayers brand of commercial sprayers in Orlando, FL. Every sprayer is built from the ground up, using only the best parts like Hypro® and Udor® pumps, Honda® engines and 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frames. Of the 84 different Kings Sprayers models we manufacture, we’ve pulled the 5 top sellers of 2015.

Check below to see which ones made the list:

1. Kings Sprayers 100 Gallon Skid Sprayer (Model: KS100P7027)

Part of our Kings Sprayers Quickship Program, this model is equipped with 5.5 HP GX160 Series Honda engine and Hypro D30GRGI diaphragm pump that’s capable of 9.5 gpm and 580 psi.

2. Kings Sprayers 50 Gallon Utility Skid Sprayer (Model: KSU50P6)

This sprayer is "ready for Roundup" with a Hypro SilverCast 7 gpm roller pump and features a 5.5 HP GX160 series Honda engine. Best of all it is also part of the Kings Sprayers Quickship program, so you can order today and it will ship the same day!*

3. Kings Sprayers 100 Gallon 4-Wheel Sprayer (Model: K4C100P7027)

Great for maneuverability, this model is ideal for use in tight areas due to its pivoting front axle and T-handle, making it a perfect fit for greenhouse, nursery or orchard use. This 4-wheel sprayer model is equipped with a 5.5 HP GX160 series Honda engine and Hypro D30GRGI diaphragm pump that’s capable of 9.5 gpm and 580 psi.

4. Kings Sprayers 100 Gallon 3-Point Hitch Sprayer (Model: K3PTH100B12) 

Great for hitching to a tractor, this model is great for spraying large areas like golf courses, athletic fields, pastures and lawns. This model is equipped with a standard Hypro 7560C roller pump that’s capable of 12 gpm at 540 rpm and 300 psi.

5. Kings Sprayers 50 Gallon Skid Sprayer (Model: KS50P5)

This model is equipped with 5 HP Honda GC160 series engine and a Hypro 4101C roller pump capable of 7 gpm and 150 psi. This 50 gallon sprayer is great for tree spraying and can be used in truck beds, utility vehicles, boats and trailers.





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