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Product Highlight: SHURflo Pumps

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jun 01, 2018

SHURflo Pumps at Sprayer Depot

SHURFLO® pumps are widely used on professional spray equipment. A leading provider of fluid transfer solutions, SHURFLO® offers a variety of pumps to fit your needs. Let's take a closer look at some of our most popular models:

SHURFLO® 8000 Series Diaphragm PumpShurflo Diaphragm Pump

Shop SHURFLO 8000 Series Pumps

  • One of the most widely used industrial pumps
  • Delivers 1.8 gpm (6.8 l/min) providing maximum performance in a wide range of spray applications
  • Designed to provide consistent, dependable performance no matter what position it is mounted
  • Self-priming, and can maintain pressures up to 150 psi
  • Comes standard with an automatic demand switch and a built-in check valve
  • Like the 2088 series, these can also run dry without damage to the pump
  • Model Numbers: 8000-533-250, 8000-543-250, 8000-543-210, 8000-543-136, 8000-643-236, 8000-543-236, 8000-541-236, 8000-542-136, 8000-543-936, 8000-543-238, 8000-543-138, 8000-343-236, 8000-533-236

SHURFLO® 2088 Series Diaphragm Pump

Shurflo Diaphragm Pump

 Shop SHURFLO 2088 Series Pumps

  • Delivers reliable performance in high flow, moderate pressure applications 
  • Great for heavy duty jobs like agricultural spraying or transfer of vast amounts of fluid
  • Made with chemical-resistant materials so you can reliably pump the fluids you need to without worrying about damage to your equipment
  • Designed for lots of use and easy to maintain
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Model Numbers: 2088-344-590, 2088-443-144, 2088-343-135, 2088-313-145

SHURFLO® SLV Series Diaphragm Pump

Shurflo Diaphragm Pump


  • Offers tremendous value for low-volume spraying needs
  • Compact size makes it ideal for transportation to off-site jobs 
  • Resistant to chemicals thus preventing corrosion and breakage of essential pump parts
  • Model Numbers: SLV10-AA41, SLV10-AB41, SLV10-AA40, SLV10-AA48


You can learn more about these SHURFLO® pumps on our website or talk to one of our customer service technicians by calling 800-228-0905

Shop SHURFLO SLV Series Pumps


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