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This is the season for a De-Icing Sprayer!

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Jan 09, 2018

This first month of the brand new year has proven to be one of the harshest in recent national history.  In just the first week of January, 2018, we've witnessed record freezing temperatures across country; businesses, schools and highways have all been affected by the weather. Many times, preparation is the one single thing that can de-icing.jpgturn an icy, cold day into a safe and productive one for both businesses, school children and the community. Whether it be roads, parking lots or sidewalks, all of these surfaces fall victim to dangerous ice brought by the freezing winter temperatures and the best way to tackle that problem is to be armed with the best and most efficient de-icing equipment.

Here at Sprayer Depot we offer two different types of de-icing sprayers:

Although different in some aspects, both of these de-icing sprayers share several similar features, including a 100 gallon tank and a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frame that is lightweight, and resistant to both chemicals and rust. Additionally, both sprayers come with an outstanding 5 year frame / 5 year tank / 1 year parts and labor warranty (limited to manufacturer defects).

For more information and to discuss if a de-icing sprayer is right for you, talk to one of our expert Customer Service Technicians:  call 800-228-0905 or email or use the Live Chat feature on our website.

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How to Operate a Kings 100 Gallon Pressure Washer Skid Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, May 21, 2014

Operating Instructions for a Kings 100 Gallon Pressure Washer Skid Sprayer (Model KS100P17)

Kings 100 Gallon Pressure Washer Skid Sprayer

  • Before starting the sprayer, make sure the gun is plugged into the hose.
  • Before turning the pump on press the trigger to the gun.
  • To start the engine, make sure the gas is on, the choke is on, and the throttle is all the way down.
  • Turn the switch to "On".
  • Pull the starter to turn the engine on, when the engine engages, you can set the throttle.
  • Once the engine turns on, make sure to press the trigger to the gun.
  • Occasionally let go of the trigger, so the engine can build up pressure.
  • Occasionally check the pressure by pulling the trigger to the gun.
  • The unit comes with 5 different tips; a soaker, a jet, a larger jet, a 45 degree spread, and a larger 45 degree spread.
  • The larger tips handle higher gallons per minute, but lower pressure.
  • The tips can be rotated, however, to rotate the tip you must let go of the trigger. If there is pressure going to the gun you cannot rotate or remove the tips.
  • To remove the tip simply pull back on the release and pull the tip out.
  • When turning the engine off, make sure to hold the trigger to prevent the engine from backfiring.
  • The red nozzle is your pressure regulator.
  • The unit also includes a standard chemical injector.
  • Simply run your tube to your chemical; the unit will draw and mix with the spray.
  • You can drain the tank by removing the hose, letting the water drain out.
This sprayer is in stock and ships the same day!* Click here to see our complete line of Kings Sprayers. To view the sprayers available for same day shipping, simply click the sprayer type category box (Kings Skid Sprayers, Kings 3-Point Hitch Sprayers, etc.). 
(*Order must be placed by 12:00 p.m.)

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