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8 Easy Steps to Calibrating Your Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Dec 04, 2015

Calibrating your sprayer doesn't have to be time consuming or challenging. You have probably seen all the formulas and calculations involved with the process but there is an easy way to accomplish this task without having to be a math wiz.

It is important to calibrate your sprayer at least once every season, however more is definitely better. Calibrating your sprayer often will ensure an even application rate and also an effective one. This will save you time and money that you can then invest in other parts of your business. 

As mentioned before, there are many reasons why you should calibrate your spray equipment on a regular basis, but an extremely important reason to consider is to avoid any mishandling of pesticides and other chemicals. When using chemicals it's important to follow the instructions provided on the label: too little could mean an ineffective application, and too much could result in serious consequences such as the loss of your grass or crop, fines, or even health risks.

Based on a recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), farmers spend approximately $4.1 billion on pesticides annually. So if your sprayer isn't calibrated properly you could potentially be wasting a lot of money. Let's make sure you are spending your money wisely and spraying efficiently by calibrating your sprayer.

Want to know how you can avoid any mishaps and increase the accuracy of your application? Read below for the 8 simple steps to calibrating your sprayer.

Before you follow the steps, get your sprayer ready for calibration by following these tips:

  • Inspect your sprayer for any mechanical problems
  • Flush the tank and brush the nozzles to make sure they are debris free
  • Check the agitator in the tank to make sure it’s working properly

Okay, now you are ready to calibrate!


*For minor changes in output, adjust your sprayer pressure to achieve the GPA recommended by the pesticide label. For major changes, either change travel speed or nozzle tip size and recalibrate.

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Calibrating Your Boom Sprayer

Posted by Marketing Manager on Mon, Dec 16, 2013

Contributed by Guest Blogger: Robert Wolf
Professor Emeritus
Kansas State University

Calibrating a sprayer is critical to making an accurate and safe application of a crop protection product.  Typically, calibration is defined as checking the sprayer output to make sure it is spraying the proper amount of material as stipulated by the label for the product you are applying. 150 Gallon 3 Point Hitch with 12' Boom

With today’s modern boom sprayer, electronic rate controllers are used to maintain a uniform application volume (GPA) across the sprayed field.  However, even if the rate controller is accurately measuring the amount of output is not necessarily guaranteeing that each nozzle is exactly at the same output.  In other words, if one or more nozzles were clogged emitting no spray, it is likely that the rate controller will still be reporting an accurate application volume.  With clogged nozzles there would not be a uniform application and skips in spray would result in crop protection breakdown.  In fact, the nozzle next to the clogged nozzle is likely to be over applying to compensate because of the demand from the rate controller to maintain a uniform application volume.  Thus, one aspect of calibration is making sure that every nozzle on the spray boom is spraying as near as possible the same amount of material.  This can only be done with a collection so that the output of every nozzle on the boom is known.  A typical collection would involve using a catch container and a stop watch to measure each nozzles flow and compare.

A new tool for calibration is the SpotOn® digital sprayer calibrator.  This tool is accurate for most boom sprayer setups and ideal for longer booms with more nozzles.  More information on this device can be found at


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Topics: Boom Sprayer, Calibrating a Boom Sprayer, Boom Sprayer Calibration, How to Calibrate a Boom Sprayer, Robert Wolf Kansas State University

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