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Instructional Video: Quick Set-up on a Kings Sprayers® 2-Wheel Sprayer, Model # KT100P15B12

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Mar 25, 2016

The KT100P15B12 is one of our most popular Kings Sprayers® 2-Wheel Sprayers model. Our 2-wheel sprayers are designed for easy handling as they can be pulled by a utility vehicle, ATV, compact KingsSprayers-2wheel-Boom.jpgtrailer or even a golf cart. Great for tree, shrub, and turf spraying, this sprayer is ideal for lawns, pastures, golf courses and athletic fields. 

Check out some of its best-selling features:

  • 5 HP GC160 series Honda engine
  • Udor IOTA-20/GR Diaphragm Pump (5 gpm, 275 psi) 
  • 12' spray boom
  • Made in USA
  • Standard sprayer equipped with 50' of 3/8" ID hose
  • 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frame is lightweight, chemical resistant and will never rust or need painting
Plus, this model is part of our QuickShip program which means if you order it before 12:00 p.m. (EST) time, it will ship that very same day! 

Today we are featuring steps on how to get started with this 2-wheel sprayer. Follow the easy steps outlined below and don't forget to watch the instructional video right at the end of this post!

Starting Your Sprayer for the First Time

1. Ensure all unnecessary personnel are clear of the area.
2. For initial testing, it is recommended to start with clean water instead of chemicals to confirm the system and plumbing components are leak free.
3. Ensure there is fluid in the tank and supply line.
4. Check line strainer for debris or clogs and remove any if found.
5. Check all plumbing connections to ensure tightness.
6. Ensure all valves and regulators are set to the desired setting and working properly.
7. Ensure all hoses are positioned properly and undamaged.

Follow these steps to start the engine

1. First, remove the boot clamps from either boom and extend the booms.
2. For a cold start, pull the choke out to FULL.
3. Set the throttle to slightly above OFF.
4. Pull start the engine.
5. Release the choke by pushing it in fully.
6. Raise the throttle to FULL.
7. The knob at the top of the regulator handles the pressure; adjust the pressure to roughly 200 psi.
8. Turn the agitator ON; you’ll notice a slight drop in pressure.
9. Adjust the spray gun to the correct setting and you are ready to spray.
10. The spray boom has seven spray settings: left, right, center, left/right, left/right/center, left/center, right/center.

Shutting Down Your Sprayer

1. Set the pressure regulator to OFF.
2. Slowly lower the throttle to OFF.
3. Raise the booms and replace the boom clamps.
4. If the pump will not be used for several hours, flush your system to prolong the life of the unit.

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5 Ways to Use a 2-Wheel Trailer Sprayer in Lawn Care

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Mar 31, 2015

KingsSprayersUsed for a variety of purposes throughout the lawn and landscape industry, our 2-wheel trailer sprayers by Kings Sprayers are very versatile and allow users to cover large areas that they might not otherwise be able to tackle with just a hose. Great for lawns, pastures, golf courses and athletic fields, here we’ll explore five ways to use a 2-wheel sprayer that you may not have considered. Have other ideas? Share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

1.) Snow Removal

Our friends up north could use the 2-wheel trailer sprayer for snow removal in the winter months, as this model doubles as a de-icing/anti-icing sprayer. After all, not all de-icing jobs are highways. Keep areas like driveways, sidewalks and parking lots safe and free of ice. Just add a de-icing solution to the tank and go to town clearing a path with 12’ booms in action. Use the boomless nozzle to spray frozen tires on your vehicle too. It’s a great tool to increase safety and access in the winter.

2.) Watering

An obvious choice, the 2-wheel trailer sprayer is a great resource for watering. With this product on hand, all you have to do is fill up the tank and be on your way watering large areas with the 12’ boom option. We’ve even seen some customers who tow the 2-wheel sprayer behind a mower, allowing them to multitask by watering at the same time as they cut the grass. Talk about efficient. Using the spray gun option you can easily spray trees and have a tank full of water at the ready for multiple stops.

3.) Fertilizing

Using the 2-wheel trailer sprayer to fertilize commercial, residential and recreational areas is a practical alternative to walk-behind rotary fertilizers. It’s also a time-saving option and has shown that this type of application results in applying product more consistently for the job since employees become less fatigued than they might otherwise with the push options. On top of that, using a liquid fertilizer reduces potential runoff and allows for more chemical control.

4.) Herbicides

These sprayers are a great option for herbicide application, or weed control, by allowing you to spray a pre-emergent herbicide to an entire lawn using the boom, as just one example. After all, there are a variety of herbicides used to combat a variety of weeds, in order to achieve a healthy lawn.

5.) Insecticides

Pest control is a popular use for the 2-wheel trailer sprayer within the lawn and landscape segment as outdoor spaces are often threatened by a multitude of pests. With a two-wheel sprayer, folks can easily apply an insecticide across an entire lawn or planter area using the 12’ boom or boomless nozzle.

There are a variety of other uses for the 2-wheel trailer sprayer that delivers high pressure to spray trees or shrubs, high-volume for turf spraying, high flotation turf tires roll easily, and it’s wide stance keep the sprayer stable on most terrains.

To learn more about the Kings Sprayers line and determine a model that’s right for you, contact our Customer Service Technicians.

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How to Operate the Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Mon, Jun 16, 2014

Ideal Sprayer for Tree, Shrub & Turf Spraying

Kings 2 wheel sprayerThe Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer (also called a "trailer sprayer") is equipped with a diaphragm pump and boomless nozzle. It's an ideal sprayer for tree, shrub and turf spraying. It can be pulled with a utlility vehicle or compact trailer. It's commonly used for spraying lawns, pastures, golf courses and athletic fields. 

Same Day Shipping

The Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer (model # KT100P20BN22) is a QuickShip sprayer.  All QuickShip sprayers ship the same day!* Reduce downtime and increase productivity: Order by 12:00 p.m. (EST) and get same day shipping.

Operating Instructions for the Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer (model # KT100P20BN22)

To start the engine make sure the gas is on, the choke is on, and the throttle is all the way down.

  • Turn the on switch on; pull the starter to turn the engine on

  • Once the engine engages, set the throttle

  • To engage the pressure, flip the green switch

  • To increase the pressure, turn the tip clockwise

  • To decrease the pressure, turn the tip counter clockwise

  • Use the black switch to engage the agitator

  • Add your chemical to the tank to mix

  • The gun is fully adjustable from a cone to a jet

  • Use the gun for distance applications

  • To use the spray arm, locate the lever on the extra length of hose

  • To turn off the engine, disengage the pressure, throttle down, and turn off the power switch

Instructional Video

See it in action! Watch this helpful Instruction Video:  How to Operate the Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer 


*Order must be placed by 12:00 p.m. 

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