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The Top Questions From Our Blog: Asked and Answered

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Apr 25, 2017

These days, information is literally at our fingertips; a quick Google search can find an answer to a question that would have taken hours or even days to research just a few decades ago. At Sprayer Depot, we're on the leading questions-answers-723x334.jpgedge of technology. This is evident in everything from our state-of-the-art inventory management system, to our communication on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and our commitment to digital media.

We realize that time is money for our customers. The LESS time they have to spend researching how to do a quick equipment repair on the fly, or a reputable parts vendor,  the MORE time they have to service customers and grow their business. So we quickly respond to all questions on our blog, or social channels and post the answers so they can be referenced by anyone.

In this post we'll feature a few questions that have recently been posted to our blog comment box. 

Q:  "My Shurflo ATV sprayer pump (pump model #8000-543-936pulsates. What's wrong?" - Tom R.    

A: To prevent pulsing try holding down the trigger on the spray wand and adjust the small Allen    screw in the front center of the pump head until the pulsation subsides.     

Q: "I bought a used Fimco 55 gallon PTO sprayer. I have a John Deere 1025R tractor and want to use the sprayer to do broadleaf control, liquid fertilizer, and things like that. What roller pump should I use?" - Wes T.  

A: We recommend the Hypro 7560XL "Silver Series" Roller Pump. This pump has great flow and  pressure and is cast from a stainless alloy specially designed for pesticides and herbicides.

Q: "My rig is pulsing and has very low pressure. It will start spraying perfectly,but then go back down to low pressure. I tried cranking up the psi, but it didn't  work. I've been working with a very frustrating rig. Please help! There is no clog in gun isn't the issue. I think motor is going out, but maybe you can help" - Joe M.

A: Intermittent performance indicates that you may have a bad pressure switch. This switch is located on the front of the pump and has two red wires attached to it. Replacements switches are available for most models. 

Q: "I'm starting up our Hypro D503 for the season. It will build up pressure to 400 psi but when I engage the nozzle, it drops below 200 psi or lower but returns to 400 psi once the nozzle is turned off. I've checked and tightened all the connections. Cleaned the strainer on the intake and it's good. Thoughts?" - Chris T.

A: A drop in pressure when engaging the trigger normally indicates an air leak on the suction side. We suggest making sure the suction strainer gasket is set properly to form a tight seal and the bowl is not cross threaded or over tightened. You may also try watching the intake line to see if any air bubbles appear when activating the gun. 

If you've got a question about your spray equipment, leave it in the comment box below and we'll get right back to you.


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Product Highlight: Shurflo Pumps

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Apr 18, 2017

At Sprayer Depot, we carry all the brands you know and trust, including pump brands Hypro, Banjo, Udor, Comet, Myers, CDS-John Blue, Ace, Delavan, Du-All and more.  In this post, we'll go beyond the basics with SHURFLO® pumps. For all your spraying needs, big jobs or small, SHURFLO® has a pump that will get the task done. 

SHURFLO® 2088 Series diaphragm pumps deliver reliable performance in high flow, moderate pressure applications. These pumps are great for some of your more heavy duty jobs like agricultural spraying or transfer of vast amounts of fluid. Shurflo-2088-Pump.jpgThe great part is that they are designed for lots of use and are easy to maintain. They are designed with a corrosion-resistant framework and made with chemical-resistant materials so you can reliably pump the fluids you need to without worrying about damage to your equipment. They can be mounted in any position and come with a pump body that is fully repairable. What happens if you accidentally leave it running until the fluid runs dry? Nothing! These have been tested to run dry without damage to the integrity of the pump! 

The 8000 Series diaphragm pump is SHURFLO®'s most widely used industrial pump. It is widely used in the agricultural and landscaping industries because it can deliver up to 1.8 GPM (6.8 l/min) providing maximum performance in a wide range of applications. These pumps are designed to provide consistent, dependable performance no matter what position you mount them in or how much you intend to use them. They are self-priming and maintain pressures up to 150 PSI. They come standard with an automatic demand switch and a built-in check valve. Like the 2088 series, these can also run dry without damage to the pump. 

The SLV pump offers tremendous value for low-volume spraying needs. It is extremely cost-effective if you have a smaller sized job to do. SLVAA40-Thumb.jpgIts compact size makes it ideal for transportation to off-site jobs and has an extremely low power consumption. Like other SHURFLO® pumps, it too, is chemically resistant to prevent corrosion and breakage of essential equipment. It is also self-priming, but at a much shorter distance than the 8000 series.  

You can learn more about these SHURFLO® pumps on our website or contact our customer service department to answer any questions you may have at 800-228-0905.

Shop All SHURFLO Pumps

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A Closer Look at Three Popular Backpack Sprayers

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jul 22, 2016

Backpack sprayers are an essential piece of equipment used throughout the spray industry. Numerous backpack sprayers are currently available, allowing spray applicators many options. These are some of the models that stand out from the crowd.

Solo Backpack Sprayer (Item 417)

This non-pumping, noise and emission-free backpack sprayer by Solo_Backpack_Sprayer_Model_417.jpgSolo suits a variety of professional spraying needs. With a capacity to hold 6 gallons of fluid, this backpack sprayer weighs in excess of 65 lbs when full, making operator strength a major consideration. Padded straps help reduce shoulder strain. Features of this model include:

  • 12V pump (battery recharges in less than 3 hours) 
  • AC charger included with product
  • High and low pressure settings
  • Seals and gaskets resistant to chemical corrosion

Hudson NeverPump Bak-Pac Sprayer (Item 13854)

This four gallon sprayer offers a bit of everything. Four nozzle configurations allow for great operator control and a single charge of the 12-volt lead battery delivers a 10 hour continuous spray time. The PVC Hudson.pnghose measures 72 inches, one of the longest standard hoses offered on current sprayer models. The battery included with the NeverPump will not slowly degrade its power source and it consistently brings 600 minutes at full 60 psi strength with each charge.

    • Includes AC charger that completely charges battery in 9 hours
      • Extra large fill opening prevents spills when adding chemicals
        • Bonus nozzle system with 4 different spray settings


Shurflo 12V ProPack Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer (Item SRS600)

The SHURflo SRS-600 eliminates the need for the operator to continually “pump up” Shurflo_SRS-600_backpack_sprayer.jpgthe sprayer to maintain a constant and steady spray pattern as with manually-powered sprayers, making spraying fast and easy. 

The 4-gallon capacity polypropylene tank permits use with many common agricultural chemicals, such as herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, disinfectants, lubricants, and other solvent and water-based products. This makes the SHURflo SRS-600 perfect for weed, pest, and insect control, low-height tree spraying, and more.

  • Battery: 12-volt
  • Thick padded shoulder straps, full back pad, and waist belt for supreme comfort
  • Weight: 16 lbs.

Looking for a New Sprayer?

We carry a full line of sprayer options, including the complete Kings Sprayers product line including: 3-Point Hitch Sprayers, Skid Sprayers, 2-Wheel Sprayers, 4-Wheel Sprayers and Spot Sprayers.

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Top 5 Most Viewed Instructional Videos

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Feb 05, 2016

One of the best things about the Internet is that learning a new skill is just a few clicks away. You MostViewed_InstructionalVideos_SprayerDepot.jpgcan find a variety of resources that can teach you everything from calibrating your sprayer to finding the best apps for your industry with a quick search.

Learning how to do something new is easier if you see how it’s done and then do it yourself. We believe instructional videos are one of the best learning tools out there. With that in mind, our YouTube Channel offers several videos with simple and practical content that will help you successfully repair and maintain your spray equipment .

Our videos are less than five minutes long, so you can easily get up to speed on a number of various topics. This comes in handy when a part breaks and you need to replace it quickly, whether you're at the office, home or out in the field.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 most viewed instructional videos:

1. Replacing a SHURflo Pressure Switch

SHURflo’s 8000 series diaphragm pump is one of their most widely-used pumps and a faulty pressure switch is one of the most common repairs. Our video features step-by-step instructions on how to easily replace this pressure switch.


2. SHURflo Check Valve Repair Kit

Another SHURflo repair makes the list! These economical pumps are used in a variety of settings, making them quite popular. Replacing the check valve is another easy repair that usually goes hand in hand when replacing the pressure switch.


3. Repairing a Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump

The Hypro D30 is one of Hypro's most popular medium pressure diaphragm pumps. Its low-cost maintenance and almost wear-free operation help make it the ideal choice for a wide variety of spraying jobs. This video features instructions on how to replace the diaphragms.


4. Repairing a JD9®-C Spray Gun O-Ring

This heavy duty spray gun is adjustable from a fine mist to a long distance pencil stream. This is a very reliable spray gun and one of our best sellers. This is the video for you if your JD9®-C suddenly springs a leak.


5. Repairing an Udor KAPPA-40 Diaphragm Pump

Udor KAPPA series pumps offer reliable, high-quality and popular solutions when working with harsh chemicals. The Kappa-40 is one of our most popular diaphragm pumps. Watch this video to see the repair broken down into step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. 

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Troubleshooting the SHURflo Pump 8000 Series

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jul 03, 2015

The pump is the heart in the anatomy of a sprayer. This is by far one of the most important parts in your spray equipment. It requires regular maintenance so it can function as efficiently as possible. The 8000 series diaphragm pump is SHURflo's most widely used agricultural pump. There are two styles in this series, automatic-demand and bypass. 

What's the difference you ask? Automatic demand pumps have a pressure switch on the head that will shut the pump off when it reaches the desired pressure rating. When you spray the wand the pump will turn back on because the pressure has been released. Bypass pumps are not equipped with a pressure switch and continuously run when the pump has power to it. 

If your pump suddenly starts acting up use this helpful infographic to troubleshoot it. Whether the pump head leaks or the pump won"t shut-off, check each of these suggestions to pinpoint the problem:



Sometimes repairing parts in your pump just won't do it and replacing it might be the best and most convenient solution. For any service needs please contact us and we will be happy to help! 

Topics: Sprayer Depot, diaphragm pump, Shurflo, Pump, pressure switch, 8000 series, on-demand, bypass

How To Replace a SHURflo Pressure Switch

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jun 19, 2015

The pressure switch is by far the most overworked part of your pump. It is constantly running which makes its life expectancy shorter compared to other parts. If you notice that the pressure has decreased, the switch Pressureswitchleaks or if your pump won't run or won't shut off then you might need to replace the pressure switch. Replacing the switch is an easy and inexpensive DIY project that will save your equipment unnecessary downtime.

What You'll Need:

Pressure Switch Assembly Kit


Installation Process: 

1. Unplug the red power supply wires and inspect them for possible burnt-out*

2. Unscrew the 3 screws to remove the pressure switch

3. Remove the old diaphragm and replace with new one making sure it is flush**

4. Screw the pressure switch back in place

5. Reconnect the power source wires and you are done!


*Kit includes replacement wires 

** An optional Teflon seat is included

 If you are unsure if your pressure switch needs to be replaced please don't hesitate to contact usOur knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians are available to answer your product questions Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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How To Manage Spray Drift in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Aug 27, 2014

Kings SprayerImagine you’re applying pesticides using a backpack sprayer. Or, just the same, you’re spraying from a truck using a tank, pump and hose to apply chemicals. Maybe you’re using a boom setup. For that matter, you could even be piloting an airplane and in each situation the definition of spray drift is the same.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency: “pesticide drift is the movement of pesticide dust or droplets through the air at the time of application or soon after, to any site other than the area intended.”

We’re all aware of those two dreaded words: Spray Drift. While the repercussions of it vary for each industry and application type, the definition and solutions to manage spray drift are similar. In many of these scenarios above the issue with spray drift can lead to spotty pest control, wasted chemicals, off-target damage, water and air quality issues and higher costs. That last one really hurts. As the public becomes more aware of pesticide concerns, and regulators are quick to slap fines, spray drift management from that standpoint is vital to our livelihood.

Much like you take precautions to protect yourself with your work attire by making sure to wear proper clothing, eye protection and closed-toe shoes, you should also consider these five steps to manage spray drift from Sprayer Depot.

  1. Avoid spraying when weather conditions are unfavorable. I know, I know. You’ve heard this time and time again that weather affects spray drift. It’s true though and often times we get so caught up in our day-to-day that we ignore this important factor. Think about the day’s conditions as it relates to wind, temperature and humidity, air stability, etc. Know your product labels well and understand these requirements, even for wind velocity. Make adjustments accordingly. It may, even on the extreme end, require you to reschedule that day’s work. Also think about how droplet size factors into the weather issue. Large droplets are less likely to drift in general because they fall more quickly, evaporate more slowly and are less affected by the wind given their size. We like that.
  2. Consider using buffer zones. This aspect is becoming more important given label requirements these days. These "no spray zones" serve as a barrier to protect sensitive areas and vary greatly for each landscape, equipment and application type. Design of a buffer area depends on variables like spray method, wind, chemical type and the type of sensitive area that you’re trying to avoid. In general there is not a one-size-fits-all rule.
  3. Try new technologies like drift reduction nozzles. We recently spoke to Mark Techler with Hypro & SHURflo Ag and Industrial Pumps and Accessories in a recent blog post about drift control spray tips. He explained that these drift control spray tips “use air induction to produce air filled droplets, which dramatically reduce drift compared to conventional tips.” He went on to share the benefits of this new tech and offered up the Hypro SprayIT Calculator as a resource the next time your considering one of these new parts.
  4. Lower spray (boom) heights. It makes sense. The higher the boom, and thus the spray nozzle, are above the target, the more likely that wind will move droplets away from the intended area. Your nozzle label will offer a recommendation on nozzle height, which can serve as a good starting point to adjust the boom height. However, often those recommendations for nozzle height are much higher than optimum on large application equipment traveling at higher speeds. Of course, you want to ensure the boom isn’t too low, which can create uneven patterns. A 1:1 boom height has generally been the standard, but some recommend getting a tad closer so we recommend using the manufacturer recommendation as a starting point and working down from there – take into account your unique landscape and spray mechanics. 
  5. Use lower pressures.  In general, the concept that we’ve all heard is to use lower pressures, which result in larger droplets. However, in today’s application world this method might need some adjusting given the new technologies with drift control spray nozzles. With the design of some drift control spray nozzles that introduce air induction, these tips will create a drop in pressure while still producing larger droplets. 

Your actions can affect spray drift. After all, you CAN control the equipment you use and the field conditions you spray. So while you may not have control over the weather or even the neighboring property, you can be empowered by these 5 easy steps to manage spray drift and you have the opportunity to educate your team, too.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Pump from Sprayer Depot

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Aug 20, 2014

You’re on the market for a new spray pump. You have a pretty clear idea of what you need. After all, nine times out of ten it’s a replacement pump that’s on its last leg and in need of replacing. Not an easy pill to swallow when you have to buy one of the most vital parts for your sprayer. But where do you start?

Does this scenario sound familiar? Since we're more focused on your needs than your wallet, here we’ll share three foolproof tips to get you the best product for your needs at the best price. 

Tip #1: Inventory
Whether you’re in the market for a diaphragm pump, roller pump, centrifugal pump, piston pump, transfer or plunger pump, find a retailer that covers the spectrum with a variety of brands on hand for sale. Look for a retailer that carries major sprayer pump brands like Hypro, Udor, Comet, Banjo, Myers and SHURflo, to name a few. Since not all brands manufacture all pump types, at Sprayer Depot you’ll find a better selection for your needs and a more knowledgeable team to answer any questions. Sprayer Depot carries all the major brands for practically every type of spray pump at the best price.


Tip #2: Price Matching
Speaking of price, don’t be afraid to shop around. You’ll find out more about the product you’re looking for from kicking the proverbial tires at a few shops before settling on one. That will also give you a chance to scope out who has the best pricing policy – for example Sprayer Depot will match any competitor’s price (must be an authorized dealer/distributor). We strive to offer the lowest price on all major spray pump brands, but if you happen to find a lower advertised price from an authorized distributor, Sprayer Depot will match or beat that price! When you’re shopping for a part like a pump you know your going to have to spend a pretty penny so why not get the best deal.

Tip #3: Customer Service
You’re a pro so the customer service team from any retailer won’t show you how to do your job, but they can offer some insight into the latest tricks of the trade. At Sprayer Depot, our knowledgeable customer service technicians have more than 55 years of combined experience in the industry. Many of them have worked their way into the role through production jobs building the very sprayer you use today. So they know their stuff and speak your language. Plus, they’re not sales guys aiming to make commission – they genuinely enjoy what they do and strive to assist folks in finding the product that’s best for their needs.

So the next time you’re in the market for a spray pump, or really anything for your sprayer equipment, remember to consider inventory, price match policies and customer service. Better yet, just give the guys at Sprayer Depot a call or visit the online store. You’ll be in good hands.

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