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Social Media Connects Us to Our Customers

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Aug 09, 2017

These days, many professional spray applicators seek information online. That's why at Sprayer Depot, we maintain a strong commitment to our social media channels. social-media.jpgBeing responsive allows us to connect with our customers and provide them with information where and when they need it.  

The 140 character maximum on Twitter may seem like a limitation when it comes to tools, but the quick communication style is a perfect way to reach us about problems big or small.  It also allows us to convey important news, share cool links or updates about our business.

With lots of product images and behind-the-scenes pics, followers can easily peer inside our average days using Instagram.  Visuals are vital! And viewing a picture of a sprayer part instead of simply reading a product description can make it easier to identify the parts and equipment you need.

Looking for instructional videos? Visit our Youtube channel to see more than 30 helpful videos.  Available 24/7  these videos cover topics such as product repairs, sprayer operations and more. Of course, our expert Customer Service Technicians are available by phone, email and live chat. We're always happy to help. 

With Google+ , it's easier than ever to quickly type #sprayerequipment or similar hashtagged phrases to follow topics or comment threads. Plus, with no character limits, it's a great forum to exchange information or dialogue requiring longer explanations or descriptions.

A successful Facebook page is more than simply having followers, it's about offering valuable content. Recently announced, followers can now write a review directly on a company Facebook page.  The reviews can help potential customers clients look for an objective opinion, plus provides valuable feedback for our customer service team. We're proud of our 4.7 star rating (out of 5) and work hard to maintain a high customer satisfaction rating.

We even have LinkedIn to help us with all things business.  Suppliers, distributors and any other companies know where to find us.

Still, it's not about having these platforms. It's about our customers, it's about answering the email, the phones and the chats with the best possible answers we can provide.  The better we can respond to customers, the better we are doing our jobs.  And the better we do our jobs, the more people we have to help.


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5 Ways To Use Social Media to Maintain Excellent Customer Service

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jun 23, 2017

Customers look for product solutions wherever they can find them.  These days, many customers are online, and focusing on that fact has helped Sprayer Depot Customer_Feedback_SD-2.jpgbecome a social media leader in the spray equipment industry. Here are 5 ways we're connecting with customers on social media:

  1. 140 characters may seem like a pittance when it comes to tools, but the quick communication style is a perfect way to reach us about problems big or small on Twitter.  It also allows us to convey important news, share product links or updates about our business.
  2. By seeing product images, customers can easily identify what they need using Instagram.  Visuals are vital!  Plus, customers can post questions and comments. Being responsive allows us answer question and even provide pricing information when our customers are on-the-go.  
  3. Having how-to's and advice online is vital for customer communication.  Our YouTube instructional video library contains useful topics like Repairing a Kappa-40 Diaphragm Pump and Repairing a JD9 Spray Gun O-Ring. Available 24/7 these videos are quick and easy-to-understand, no matter the day or time. Of course, we're always happy to help and are available by phone and Live Chat in addition to our social channels.
  4. With Google+ integrating into Youtube, it's easier than ever to quickly type #sprayequipment, #sprayers or similar hashtags to quickly find a topic thread. 
  5. Using Facebook means more than simply having followers or answering private messages. Customers can now write a review and let others know about their experience with Sprayer Depot. The reviews are not only helpful to Sprayer Depot but potential customers who want an unbiased 3rd party review can gain valuable insight that's useful when choosing a company to purchase from.

    We even have Linked In to help us with all things business.  Suppliers, distributors and any other companies know where to find us.

    Still, it's not about having these platforms. It's about our customers, it's about answering the email, the phones and the chats with the best possible answers we can provide.  The better we can communicate, the better we are doing our jobs.  And the better we do our jobs, the more people we have to help.

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Why More than 6,000 Fans Follow Us on Social Media

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Feb 10, 2017

Here at Sprayer Depot, our mission statement says it all: “To WOW people by exceeding expectations,” and our use of social media reflects this philosophy. We’ve gone from a handful of "fans" to more than 6,000 followers across all of our social channels. In this post, we'll take a look at which platforms we use and what that means for our customers.



Facebook is often the first place that customers find us. Our Facebook community is active, with frequent questions, comments and conversations about spray equipment use.  With daily posts covering topics that are specific to the spray industry, along with instructional videos, and product features and photos, Facebook is a great educational resource for customer and industry professionals.

Many of our customers share their experiences by posting reviews on our Facebook page. We're proud of our 4.6 star rating (out of 5), and love hearing customer feedback. 


If you’re on Twitter a lot, guess what? So are we! Follow us for product information and the latest industry news. If you have a quick question, send us a tweet. Customer satisfaction means a lot to us, so we respond to all questions in a timely manner.


Instagram is where you can find photos. Lots and lots of photos (and short videos, too). See custom-built sprayers, product repair videos and sometimes even employee selfies. Need to chat? You can leave us a comment and our response time is typically within a couple of hours.


Our extensive instructional video library can be found on our YouTube channel. Whether you're trying to repair a diaphragm pump, or are looking for instructions on how to operate a sprayer, our YouTube channel is a valuable resource.

Check us out on Google+ . If this is your preferred social network, you'll be happy to know we maintain a strong presence on this social platform. Plus, you can search for specific topics using hastags (#) like #sprayequipment and #sprayerdepot.


Here, we mainly enjoy connecting with suppliers, distributors and other businesses in the professional spray equipment industry. Be sure to check out our page if you work in agriculture, horticulture, recreation, pest control, landscaping or lawn care. Looking to work at Sprayer Depot? LinkedIn is a great place to check for job postings.

One reason why our customer satisfaction numbers are so high? It's simple: we help customers. We do this by providing useful and entertaining information to them no matter where they are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or LinkedIn.

We want to make it easy and convenient for customers to order spray equipment and sprayer parts, and easily connect with us via phone, email, live chat and social media.

How do you use social media to connect with customers? Leave your comments in the box below.


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Fun Facts From the Sprayer Depot Marketing Department

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Mon, Oct 26, 2015

On our previous post, Spray Equipment: We've Got What You Need, we gave you some insight on what makes us different from our competitors. Not only do we aim to WOW customers by exceeding expectations, we strive to be a major source for spray equipment industry news and fun spraying facts.

We take pride in being fun and easy to do business with, so we make sure our blog posts reflect this by providing you informative, educational and fun content. Thanks to our marketing team, today we are featuring some cool tidbits on what's popular with our customers.

Interested in learning more about what makes us stand out? Read below for our 5 fun "Did you Know?" facts about Sprayer Depot.


1. Our "Tall Tree Spray Guns" blog post tops the list of our most popular blog posts with almost 2,000 views. On this post, we give a quick run-through on how to use a professional spray gun like the FMC 785 Spray Gun, Udor Long Range Spray Gun and the Udor Turbine Spray Gun for spraying trees. Want to check it out for yourself? Click here 


2. Sprayer Depot has more than 2,400 Facebook Fans and our fan base keeps growing fast! We like to stay connected to our customers by providing useful and fun content in social media. We frequently run contests and giveaways, like the recent "Customer Highlight Contest". Make sure to stay tuned to future promotions, product features, and industry news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

3. Year-to-date, the number of customers who made a purchase from a mobile 135mobilegphone increased 135% from the same period in 2014. This is one of our favorite facts because it means that many of you are reaching us through your mobile device. 


4. Sprayer Depot's most-watched YouTube video of all time is Replacing a Shurflo Pressure Switch with nearly 20,000 views. Why is this such a popular video you may ask? Well, the 8000 Series diaphragm pump is SHURflo's most widely used agriculture pump and a faulty pressure switch is one of the most common (and easy!) repairs. Our video features step-by-step instructions on how to replace this pressure switch.


5. So far in 2015, we’ve engaged in more than 950 chat sessions with customers via our online chat feature. Contacting us through chat is easy and convenient! Live chat is available for both English and Spanish speakers so whether you just want to place an order, or have questions about our products, hop online and look for the chat icons to start chatting.

Tell us what you'd like to see more of by commenting on the box below!

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