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What You Need To Know About Sprayer Tanks

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Feb 13, 2018

In the market for a new sprayer tank? There are a lot of different sizes and styles to consider, so selecting the right type of sprayer tank will be dependent upon your specific needs. Not to worry, Sprayer Depot has a large selection of tanks for you to choose from!

Let's review some of the sprayer tank basics:

PCO Poly Tanks are commonly used for pest control but are actually multi-purpose portable tanks. In addition to being used for pest control, they are also often used in the lawn care, industrial, nursery and pressure washing industries.  pco-tank-sprayer-depot.jpgThese tanks can be selected for stationary or transportable applications both indoor and outdoors. They range in size from 50-300 gallon tanks, and typically have a rounded bottom for best fluid drainage. A quality feature for these tanks are the self-supporting legs and the fact that a variety of different chemicals can be safely stored in them because of the strong, chemical resistant material from which they are made.

Vertical Tanks are free standing tanks with a flat bottom for indoor or outdoor installations; they come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 10 gallon to 12,500 gallon tank. vertical-dome-tank-sprayer-depot.jpgVertical tanks are designed with either a dome or a flat top. The significance of the flat top is that their design features additional flats for fitting installation or mounting. Both the vertical dome top tank and the vertical flat top tank have walls that are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators.

Low-Profile-Rectangle-Tanks The low-profile design of these tanks  allows for easy fitting into backs of pickup trucks and tight spaces. These tanks are available starting at a 50 gallon size and up to 300 gallons and are great for both mobile or stationary applications.

Inductor-Tanks  Inductor tanks are selected as inductor-tank-sprayer-depot.jpgsupply tanks for application systems and when a more complete drain-out of stored liquids is required in indoor or outdoor applications. These tanks range in size from 15 gallons to 110 gallons, in addition to offering translucent walls for level viewing.

The team at Sprayer Depot is here to address your sprayer tank questionsand help you pick the right equipment for the job. As one of the largest suppliers of professional spray equipment and sprayer partsin the U.S., Sprayer Depot is the industry source. With more than 40 years of experience, the team at Sprayer Depot serves the lawn and landscape, pest control, golf and recreation, agricultural and horticultural industries, and would love to serve you too! Contact Sprayer Depot today and get your equipment inventory ready for the spring!

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Important Facts You Need to Know About Aluminum Frames

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Jan 23, 2018

There are many advantages to spray equipment featuring an aluminum frame. From being chemical and rust resistant to lightweight and low maintenance, aluminum Kings-Sprayers-Electric-Sprayer.jpgframes are durable and designed to last. These are some of the very reasons they continue to be so popular.

Sprayer Depot offers the full product line of Kings Sprayers , all of which come equipped with premium aluminum frames. Whether it's the Kings-Sprayers 3-Point-Hitch-Sprayer , the Kings Sprayers 2-Wheel Sprayer , or the Kings-4-Wheel-Sprayer, they all are designed with frames built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. These frames are lightweight which means easier transit and fuel efficiency, in addition to being low maintenance, meaning they'll never need another coat of paint. Additionally, all Kings Sprayers frames come with a 5 year warranty!

Need help finding the right sprayer? Sprayer Depot is staffed with a friendly and professional team that have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right sprayer for your needs. Call  800-228-0905 or email

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Do These 3 Things to Get Your Sprayer Ready For Spring

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Spring brings with it a long to-do list for all of us. This is especially true for businesses involved with the spray industry because it's typically the start of the busiest season of the year. No matter if your business is lawn and landscape, 20150827_154727.jpgpest control related, or agriculturally focused, you’ll want to have your spray equipment in tip-top shape and ready to take on a busy job load. By following just a few simple tips you'll have your sprayer ready to go, and you'll reduce the chance of unfortunate equipment break-downs. It's always a good idea to be as prepared as possible in order to keep your work flow on track.

Just follow these three easy tips to ensure your sprayer is ready for action:

1. Temperature control: You should always make sure the weather is warm enough for your sprayer to function properly and avoid damage before you start running it. It doesn’t have to be a balmy, beach-worthy day, but the temperature should always be above the freezing point of water. If liquid has frozen in any of the lines and hoses it can cause damage the sprayer's ability to function. Replacing spray hose is a simple process and it comes in a variety of lengths. You can purchase new hose by the roll or by the foot

2. Flush and Lube:  After a long winter of standing idle, it's important to flush out your sprayer with clean water before you use it. Remember to drain your sprayer in a safe location, especially if you’ve had toxic materials inside. You will also want to lubricate the pump following the manufacturer’s directions.

3. Restock your extra parts: It’s generally a good idea to have a stockpile of parts on hand, including a variety of spray tips and nozzles. You should also consider buying a JD9C-Spray-Gun.jpgcommon spray gun repair kit  like one for the popular JD9-C Spray Gun. Restocking sprayer parts every spring as part of your seasonal inventory plan is a great way to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything.

 If you need any help choosing the right nozzles or other accessories for your specific sprayer please contact our knowledgeable sales team at 800-228-0905 to assist you in choosing the parts you need. Our wide selection of spray equipment, parts and accessories are in-stock and available to ship. Contact us today to get yourself ready for the spring season!


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