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3 Reasons Why Aluminum Frames Are Better

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jan 13, 2017

Sprayer Frames: Steel or Aluminum? 

We often get asked what makes Kings Sprayers better than other sprayers on the market. Our response typically explains how the high quality components that are used to build Kings Sprayers result in a superior sprayer. For example, all Kings Sprayers are built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. 

In this blog post we'll discuss the benefits of aluminum frames and highlight three reasons why they're better than steel frames.

Take a close look at the two pictures below of a NorthStar steel frame sprayer that was recently brought to our Service & Repair Department. At barely a year old, this sprayer looks like it's ready for the junk yard! The paint has chipped off, the straps look dangerous and it won't be long before this frame starts to corrode and fall apart. So, while it may have cost less initially, in the long run it'll be a more expensive choice because the short life of the sprayer will result in the need to replace it with a brand new one.

Northstar Stainless steel sprayer.jpeg

NorthStar Sprayer.jpg

"Aluminum frames are often the best choice for spray equipment due to their resistance to rust and corrosion," said Sprayer Depot Sales Manager  Brandon Grossman . "Aluminum is also lightweight, typically 1/3 the weight of steel, which makes the wheeled sprayers easier to move around. Plus, because of the lighter weight, there's less wear and tear on any vehicle transporting a skid sprayer. We have had local customers bring in their 15 year old sprayer for pump repairs and the frame still looks brand new! It never needs a new coat of paint.  

In some situations, such as larger capacity sprayers with more weight, a steel frame may be a consideration," added Grossman.  "Steel is less likely to bend under weight, but this is only in extreme circumstances."

3 Benefits of Aluminum Sprayers 

  1. Aluminum sprayers will never rust or need to be painted.  All Kings Sprayers are built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum so they will never rust or require painting. 
  2. Aluminum sprayers are easy to maneuver.  A lightweight sprayer is much easier to maneuver than a steel sprayer, especially when spraying tight areas such as greenhouses, orchards or nurseries.
  3. Aluminum sprayers are chemical-resistant. Unlike steel sprayers which will corrode over time, aluminum is chemical-resistant so maintenance is kept to a minimum. 

To learn more about the advantages of aluminum frames, and see the high-quality craftsmanship of  Kings Sprayers, review this previous blog post

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Product Highlight: Kings Sprayers 510 Gallon Highway Ready Trailer Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Sep 23, 2015

In this Product Highlight post, we are featuring the Kings Sprayers 510 Gallon Highway-Ready Trailer Sprayer #KT510P12042EThis heavy duty, commercial sprayer is built strong for those big jobs where transportation is crucial. This specific model was designed after a customer contacted us needing a large capacity sprayer that could safely bed hauled from one location to another.

In order to ensure proper support and high durability, we mounted the tank on a steel tandem axle trailer. The tandem axle is ideal when transporting heavy loads and provides a more stable ride at higher speeds in highway conditions. The 510 gallon poly tank features molded-in legs to support the tank and band locators for tie down to make sure it stays in place. The straps are bolted to the frame to maximize safety and stability. To facilitate the operator's handling, the walls of the tank are translucent for easy level viewing and is equipped with gallon indicators. Best of all, we built it right here in our warehouse from the ground up, so we can account for its high-quality craftsmanship and parts.

This sprayer is great for spraying trees up to 80' in the air and the high flow pump is great for drenching and transferring liquids quickly. All of Kings Sprayers are customizable to your requirements, including this one! Call us and get it customized your way. 


  • 510 Gallon Free Standing Horizontal Leg Tank
  • 20 HP GX630 Electric Start Honda Engine
  • Udor KAPPA-120/GR Diaphragm Pump (35 gpm, 700 psi)
  • Electric Hose Reel with 300' of 3/4" ID Spray Hose
  • DOT Approved Tandem Axle Steel Frame with VIN 






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