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Why Personal Protective Equipment Is Important for Professional Spray Applicators

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Sep 30, 2016

For professional spray applicators, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential part of the job. By definition, PPE, and other safety apparel, is used to protect the body from hazardous chemicals. Typically, it is an employer's responsibility to provide their employees with the equipment, and ensure to maintain it in a reliable and sanitary manner. For example, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires landscaper employers to provide PPE to employees in order to protect their eyes, head, face, and extremities. Sprayer Depot has PPE and safety equipment to provide protection for professional spray applicators.

Preventing Injury with PPE

There are many ways professional spray applicators could get injured on the job. Therefore, the use of PPE is essential to maintain a safe work environment. The basic goal of a PPE program is to reduce the possibility of occupational-related injuries and should include options for face, eyes, skin, and hand protection, in addition to the use of basic safety gear. Some examples include:

Eyes and face: To prevent eye injuries, safety_glasses.jpgprotective eyewear is essential. Safety glasses or plastic eye protectors should afford the maximum amount of protection possible to protect the front of the face, temples, and brow.

Hands and skin: Nitrile gloves protect hands and wrists from contact with hazardous chemicals.

Basic Safety Gear: Basic safety gear should be a part of all PPE plans. Consider wearing a hat and vest to stay visible while on-the-job. These items often include reflective qualities to ensure visibility day or night.   safety_gloves.jpg 

Tasks that involve pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer typically call for the use of PPE.  Most manufacturers label equipment with guidance for handling specific hazards that require protection. So be sure to carefully read the label.


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