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It's Time for a Winter Check-up!

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jan 08, 2016

This has been quite the warm winter for most of our customers. With temperatures breaking all-time January_Sprayer_Checkup.jpgrecord highs in many places, it seems like summer is closer than it should be. It may feel like just yesterday we were emphasizing the importance of winterizing your spray equipment, but with such a mild winter we thought it may be the perfect time for a quick checkup!

Make the most out of the higher than usual January temperatures by checking on your equipment. It’s good to start your sprayer at least once before spring (as long as temperatures are mild) so go ahead and pull that sprayer out of storage and also grab the following items:

  • Pump Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Clean Rag
  • Fresh Water

Perform a pump and engine oil change. You can find general guidelines on our blog posts: Your Pump Needs an Oil Change Too and Taking Care of Your Sprayer's Honda Engine. However, it is best to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific model. If you are having trouble locating your product’s manual please give us a call and we’ll be happy to email you a copy or you can always download them from our website.

Next, flush the entire system using clean water, paying special attention to the strainer, tips, booms and hoses for any leaks or damages. Dry off and clean the entire unit using a clean rag.

If temperatures are still freezing then its best to avoid performing any of the above tasks, instead visibly inspect every component of your sprayer for obvious signs of trouble. Any worn-out parts should be promptly replaced.

Before you put your sprayer away, perform the following steps to ensure it's ready for storage:

  • Run the pump just long enough to ensure that the system is drained of water
  • Run antifreeze through the system long enough to reach any hoses and booms; We recommend diluting the antifreeze 50/50 with either water or windshield washer fluid 
  • Cover the sprayer with a plastic tarp so that it remains clean

If you need assistance ordering any replacement parts, contact us via a phone call, email or live chat. We're here to help!

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