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3 Things Your Sprayer Doesn’t Tell You

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Mar 24, 2015

MAINTREQDUnlike a truck that has indicator lights on the dash and can warn you about needed maintenance, your sprayer relies on you for upkeep. While you’re busy with a daily routine and customers or crops, don't forget that your sprayer needs some attention too. Here we’ll take a look at three things that your sprayer doesn’t tell you. 

1.) Nozzle selection

With advances in technology and an ever-evolving line-up of nozzle options, our friends at Hypro have put together a handy chart to make the nozzle selection process easier. After all, your sprayer won’t tell you if you’re using the wrong nozzle or if it’s clogged, but the output will tell you in a jiffy. Take the time to stay up-to-date on the new technology and advances that can ultimately save you time and money. A quick review of what you’re spraying and a few other variables will point you in the direction of the best nozzle to use. And just when you find a favorite, keep in mind if your spray environment changes or your needs vary, you should do another check-in. Don’t get too comfortable.

2.) Change the Oil

Often overlooked is the all important oil change. It’s just like your truck, a sprayer needs a regular oil change too. We talked about the oil change process here on the blog before, but it’s worth a quick note. Your sprayer should get an oil change after 40 hours of break-in operation and then every three months or 500 hours. As you keep up with routine daily maintenance, from cleaning your sprayer to adjusting variables – make sure an oil change is on the radar and write yourself a note or set a calendar reminder to ensure you remember to keep up with regular oil changes.

3.) Calibrate

You had to have guessed this topic would make it on the list. Calibrating to make sure your spray equipment applies proper levels of the selected product is so important. So important! Spraying too much or too little has consequences. We know you know this. But the cost of wasted chemicals can hurt your wallet. For a quick recap, check out the guest post from  “Still time for sprayer calibration.

With spring temps slowly creeping into our atmosphere and spray season around the corner (seriously we’re almost through March already!), take care to give your sprayer ample attention throughout the season. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule and staying up-to-date on advances will positively impact both your spray equipment, but also your customers and crops. When they’re happy, you’re happy. Right?

Happy spraying.

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