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5 Reasons Why You Should Never be Without Personal Protective Equipment

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Jul 11, 2017

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) keeps professional spray applicators safe from chemical exposure and other job hazards. Here are five reasons why it's important to never be without the right protective gear:

  1. Dangerous Materials: Skin irritation and burns from various chemicals can be easily avoidable with a pair of nitrile gloves. A few bucks can easily save you weeks of discomfort or serious health consequences. Some nitrile gloves (such as the ones linked) even offer puncture and abrasion protection.
  2. Dangerous Tools: Different spray jobs require different PPE.jpgequipment, and most situations call for various PPE items. Are you spraying a lawn area with a spray gunEven if you’re only using water, safety glasses are a necessity; you never know when a small piece of debris may bounce back toward your eyes.
  3. Dangerous WorkplacesSome workplaces, like busy roads or highways, are far more dangerous without proper PPE. For example, wearing a safety vest helps to ensure that drivers can see you as you work on or near a road, even at night!
  4. Dangerous ExposureNot all personal protection seems urgent, but it’s all important. Sometimes, a job that you thought might take an hour takes all afternoon. If it’s a sunny hot day, being caught outside can be a painful lesson to learn as you try to keep cool and avoid sunburn without a good hat.
  5. Show You’re Professional: Having appropriate PPE is important for personal safety, but it also helps to show that you’re professional and that you take a job seriously. If you want to make a good impression for you or your business, start with good PPE.

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