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How to Replace a Shurflo Pressure Switch

Posted by Marketing Manager on Wed, Apr 17, 2013

Shurflo Pressure Switch Repair - 8000 Series         
This repair uses the Shurflo Switch Assembly #9437506

Follow these 5 easy steps to repair a Shurflo Pressure Switch on a 8000 series pump:

  1. Remove the two power source wires- inspect them to see if one has burned out. ( If so, the kit comes with a replacement wire )
  2. Remove the three screws: there's one long and two short screws
  3. Remove the pressure switch
  4. Take out the diaphragm insert. There will be three pieces.  Reinsert the spring holder and the spring. Next, insert the new seat from the repair kit ~ Make sure it sits flush.  You can also insert the teflon seat, which is optional
  5. Replace the trigger switch and tighten all three screws.  Finally, hook the power souce back up


If you need futher assistance, call one of our knowledgable Customer Service Technicians at 800-228-0905.

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