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How to Snag a Great Deal on Your Spray Equipment!

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Feb 17, 2016

When looking to buy spray equipment, we know low pricing isn’t everything, but it definitely Refurbished-SprayEquipment-SD.jpghelps make your purchasing decision a bit easier. Sprayer Depot is proud to offer the lowest prices on spray equipment, sprayer parts and accessories in the marketplace.

If you are looking to get even more bang for your buck, take a look at our Clearance and Refurbished products for even bigger discounts. 

For some, it seems the words "clearance" and "refurbished" don’t inspire much confidence. Many think it means that products are not working properly or are defective. Rest assured that all of our products sold under the Clearance and Refurbished product category have been reconditioned and tested before we list them for sale. We never sacrifice quality or service for low-cost. You may be wondering what exactly qualifies a product as a clearance or refurbished item? The answer may pleasantly surprise you.

Some of the products up for sale are open-box, meaning a customer ordered a part, never used it and decided to return it. It's basically brand new! Another type of product listed in this category may have been used once and then returned. The item is in good working condition but we cannot longer sell it at its regular price which means more savings for you. Other items may have been damaged during the shipping process so we repair them and sell them at a discount. Sometimes we list products that need a bit of extra TLC; we called them “Scratch & Dent”. You can learn exactly why a product is being sold at a deep discount by reading the product description. We will also note the type of repairs we performed (if any) to get it back in working order.

Some past examples of products that were listed for sale in the Clearance and Refurbished category include:  a Hypro D403GRGI diaphragm pump, an Udor GKC 1735GR-DR plunger pump, a small 5.5 HP Honda engine and even Kings Sprayers!

Due to the nature of these discounted items, our inventory changes fast and we can’t predict or guarantee the availability of a specific product. So check back often and order as quickly as you can to get the best deals!

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