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Product Highlight: John Deere Replacement Parts That Won't Cost You the Farm!

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Sep 12, 2017

One of the most widely used and popular equipment brands in the agricultural industry is John Deere. John Deere sprayers include a variety of models that span from the average small farm to large-scale farms, commercial pastures or agricultural land, and field crops. All sprayers-no matter the make or model- require periodic maintenance and oftentimes this means replacing parts like sprayer tips, nozzles, or boom components. With the popularity of John Deere products, it should come as no surprise that some of our top selling replacement parts are those that are manufactured by Hypro specifically for John Deere sprayers. 

A couple of the reasons why Hypro Replacement Parts For John Deere Sprayers are so popular and frequently recommended in the industry is because they are highly effective and are also considerably less expensive than original John Deere replacement parts.  Let's take a closer look at a few best-sellers:

  • Hypro Series 9300 Hydraulic Driven Centrifugal Pump - John-Deere-Replacement-Part-Sprayer-Depot.jpgWith a hydraulic motor, the Hypro Series 9300 Pump is designed for all agricultural spray usages and can be mounted onto a Sprayer or tractor for optimal performance and efficiency. The housings are made of stainless steel or cast iron making them suitable for herbicide or pesticide applications. 
  • John Deere Replacement Spray Tip Nozzles - No matter what sort of application pattern, coverage or whether you are looking for a spray tip that will be used for pre or post-plant emergence application, we have the part that you need. Hypro-Sprayer-Depot.jpgOur selection includes  the Hypro Replacements for the John Deere Straight Stream Ceramic nozzles, Low Drift Air models, the Guardian 120° nozzles and more! 
  • John Deere Replacement Boom Components -Our John Deere Replacement Boom Components by Hypro include a wide selection of replacements for John Deere Vari-spacing boom clamps for both square tubing and round pipes, as well as single and double hose barb adapters in various sizes . 

    In addition, we also carry Hypro's line of John Deere replacement nozzle bodies, and other Hypro replacements for John Deere sprayer pump accessories. Feel free to contact us with any specific questions or go to to check out our entire catalog of products for all your sprayer, sprayer parts, and sprayer accessories needs! 


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New Clearance Items Just Added

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Aug 23, 2017

Summer's almost over and it's a great time to check out the new additions to our Clearance section. Products end up in our Clearance section for a few different reasons:

  • Open-box: These items are typically unused, but do not have a box.
  • Refurbished: These items include "damaged during shipping" items that are returned, repaired/refurbished and then discounted.  
  • Missing Parts: These items are typically missing a small part or component and can easily be restored.

Rest assured that all of our products sold under the Clearance  section have been reconditioned and tested before we list them for sale. We never sacrifice quality or service for low-cost.

You can learn exactly why a product is being sold at a discount by reading the product description. We will also note the type of repairs we performed (if any) to get it back in working order. See something you need? Act fast because these items don't last long! Plus, when you order by 5:00 p.m. (ET) your order ships the SAME day. Guaranteed

New Clearance items just added: 

Titan 12" Stainless Steel Electric Hose Reel (Overstock)

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame, discs, manifold and hardware
  • Spring loaded lock 
  • 4 in stock

  $1,230  NOW $712.50



12 Volt Electric Actuated Valve (Returned -Never Used)

  • 1" 12 Volt Actuator Valve 600 psi max
  • Never used
  • Only 1 in stock

  $725  NOW $400


Hypro Diaphragm Pump -D50GRGI (Missing Parts)

  • Regulator missing -pump works to specs
  • Hypro medium pressure diaphragm pumps are recommended for spraying herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and many other hard-to-handle fluids
  • Only 1 in stock

  $2,741  NOW $800


Click Here to Browse Our  Clearance & Refurbished Products

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These New Items Have Been Added to Clearance

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, May 16, 2017

Spring is in full bloom and our inventory is moving fast. We've added new items to our Clearance section, where you can find one-of-a-kind deals on refurbished, gently used and equipment with missing parts. Act fast because these items don't last long! Plus, when you order by 5:00 p.m. (ET) your order ships the SAME day. Guaranteed

Here's a peek at a few of our best deals:

Hypro Diaphragm Pump D503DRGI (Missing Parts)

  • Regulator missing - pump works to specs
  • Medium pressure diaphragm pump recommended for spraying herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and other hard-to-handle fluids
  • Only 1 in stock

  $2,741  NOW $950



Udor KAPPA Diaphragm Pump 55/GR-5 (Missing Parts)

  • Missing pinion gear to attached gearbox to gas engine, inlet hose barb/ring nut/o-ring and regulator fittings
  • Never used
  • Only 1 in stock

  $2,065  NOW $800


Hannay Electric Hose Reel (Slightly Damages)

  • Damaged in shipping - frame slightly bent, damage to discs 
  • Holds up to 400' of 3/8" ID hose or 300' of 1/2" ID hose
  • Only 1 in stock

  $625  NOW $400

See something you like? Don't wait, quantities are limited. Talk to one of our Customer Service Technicians if you have any questions. Call 800-228-0905.

Click Here to Browse Our  Clearance & Refurbished Products

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How to Repair a Hypro Roller Pump

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Oct 19, 2016

This information on how to repair a Hypro roller pump is provided courtesy of Hypro. For more detailed information on the repair procedures for Hypro Roller Pumps, call a Sprayer Depot Customer Service Technician at 800-228-0905.


 Hypro Roller Pump Repair.png


Hypro Roller Pump Repair Kit.png


We carry the complete line of Hypro Roller Pump Repair Kits in addition to repair kits for other Hypro brand pumps. Click HERE to see all Hypro Pump Repair Kits.

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Learn Which Transfer Pump is Right For You

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, May 25, 2016

Hypro pumps are some of the most popular items in our inventory. They are always in-stock and ready to ship. Hypro offers a wide selection of pumps such as diaphragm pumps, roller pumps, transfer pumps and piston pumps, just to mention a few. These can be utilized in a variety of industries and are capable of handling many different liquids. Transfer pumps, in particular, are widely used for spray equipment and can help you tackle both the simplest and toughest of spraying jobs. 


Mark Techler, from Techler and Associates, is a Hypro & SHURflo Ag factory representative. He has extensive knowledge of Hypro products and has guest-blogged for Sprayer Depot in the past. You might have read some of his previous guest posts such as: Comparison of Roller to Diaphragm Pumps for Horticultural Spraying or Advantages of Poly Head Diaphragm Pumps

We recently asked him to share his knowledge on transfer pumps, so continue reading below for a technical review of Hypro's top transfer pump options: 


Contributed by guest blogger:  Mark Techler, Techler & Associates

Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps designed for high volume and low pressure. Typical uses of these pumps include:

  • Filling a sprayer tank from a nurse tank or standing water

  • Watering seedbeds, recently planted foliage, turf, and trees

  • Dust control and other low pressure spraying

  • Transferring fertilizer from holding tanks to sprayer tanks 

  • Providing water flow for a CleanLoad Chemical Eductor  

  • Irrigation

  • Dewatering

They boast some powerful features such as flow rates of up to 440 gpm. Connection sizes are 2 or 3 inch NPT. You can choose from three pump materials: Polypropylene Pumps are great for light weight, corrosion resistant applications; Aluminum Pumps are an economical choice for water transfer; Cast Iron Pumps are available for more rugged situations, like up to 3/8” solids in the suction line, or physical abuse.

You can choose from three drive types:

  • Gas Engine Drive Pumps are portable and versatile.
  • Hydraulic Drive Pumps are reliable and convenient for mobile equipment that includes hydraulics.
  • Pedestal Pumps can be coupled to other drive sources, like electric motors.Hypro Transfer Pump 1542P

A good value for a popular transfer pump is Hypro 1542P-65SP. This 2 x 2 polypropylene pump has a max flow of 200 gpm, and includes an EPA certified PowerPro 6.5 hp gas engine with low oil shutdown. The polypro housing, EPDM seal, and EPDM flapper are resistant to corrosion from most fertilizers and ag chemicals. The PowerPro engine carries a one year warranty.

If you need to transfer water, the best deal is Hypro 1542A-65SP, an aluminum 2 x 2 transfer pump with 6.5 hp PowerPro engine. With materials of construction suitable for water and mild chemicals, this is an economical and rugged metal pump with a max flow of 150 gpm.

There you have it! A quick and simple technical guide to help you choose the best transfer pump for your job. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post that will feature PowerPro Engines.

Need assistance with your order? Our Customer Service Technicians are available to answer your questions M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., contact us today!

Shop Transfer Pumps


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Introducing Tuesday Spray Tips Video Series

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Apr 27, 2016

We previously asked you to cast a vote on new instructional video topics for our YouTube Channel. We wanted to know more about the topics that interest you the most, and what types of videos you want to see on our social media channels. We appreciate the feedback and love when customers tell us exactly what they want. The votes are in, and it looks like we have a winner: Repair Videos! 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the results:


We already offer a wide selection of repair videos on our website and YouTube channel, and are happy to learn you crave even more of this type of content! We are in the process of designing comprehensive instructional videos that will teach you how to repair and operate some of the most commonly used spray equipment in the industry such as diaphragm pumps, spray guns and strainers, just to mention a few.

So, what about the rest of the topics? Well, we have put your votes to good use! We want to give you even more content in a fun and easy-to-digest format. So, we are excited to introduce “Tuesday Spray Tips”, a video series where we share information in 30 seconds or less, twice per month. You can expect bite-size content covering topics from spray tips and tricks, to highlighting our Kings Sprayers®  line of commercial sprayers in these videos. Do you have a particular question about your pump? Or maybe you are just looking for tips on servicing your sprayer?  Let us know in the comment section below and we might feature your questions in our videos!

So far, we've showcased a very popular custom Kings Sprayers® Hot Water Pressure Washer sprayer and shared some tips on cleaning a Hypro D403 diaphragm pump.

Check out our current videos on our YouTube Channel and don't forget to subscribe.


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Product Highlight: Hypro Centrifugal Pumps

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Mon, Apr 11, 2016

Centrifugal pumps are high flow, low-pressure pumps that can deliver pressure ratings of anywhere from 0 to 150 psi and flow rates up to 440 gpm. How exactly do centrifugal pumps work? Well, if you are feeling a bit technical, here’s a simple explanation: On a centrifugal pump, the liquid enters through the middle into an impeller that forces the liquid into the outlet of the pump.

Centrifugal pumps are known to be heavy-duty and durable due to their fewer parts and minimum wear surfaces. Another great feature is they are easy to clean and maintain.

They can be used in a variety of applications including agricultural and industrial spraying. They come in different materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, and even polypropylene, making them capable of handling a variety of liquids and chemicals. They are mostly used with water, insecticides, herbicides, wettable powders, emulsives, and liquid fertilizers just to name a few. Some centrifugal pumps, specifically those made from polypropylene, can handle acids and other corrosive liquids.

Centrifugal pumps can be powered by different methods, the most common include


Series 9000 - 9400 Belt-Driven Centrifugal Pumps

This series is specifically designed for easy use with tractor mounted sprayers. They can handle big, high-capacity spraying jobs with ease and are easy to install/uninstall.

Pressure ratings: 62 - 104 psi

Flow rate: 82 - 140 gpm

Speed: 600 or 1000 rpm

Gas Engine

Series 1500 Gas Engine-Driven Centrifugal Pumps

As their name describes, this series can be mounted onto a gas engine. They are available with or without a mounting base for easy and secure installation depending on your engine. Need a pump that can tackle more than just spraying? Fill tanks, water seed beds and transfer liquids fast and efficiently with Hypro’s centrifugal pumps.

Pressure ratings: 65 - 140 psi

Flow rate: 98 - 150 gpm


Hydraulic Motor

Series 9300 Hydraulically-Driven Centrifugal Pumps

Hypro Hydraulically-driven pumps are capable of achieving high speeds while providing smooth performance. One of their advantages is that they can be easily mounted on a tractor or sprayer.  Another great feature is Hypro's "close-coupled" design which saves space on your set-up by 

Pressure ratings: 120 - 180 psi

Flow rate: 100 - 214 gpm

Hydraulic ports: 1/2" NPT inlet, 3/4" NPT tank

There are a lot of other options when it comes to spray pumps, each better-suited for a variety of applications. Stay tuned for future posts on how to service and troubleshoot your Hypro centrifugal pump, so don't forget to subscribe to our blog.

If you need help choosing the ideal pump for the job, or if you have questions that we didn't cover, leave your questions in the comment box below. If you'd like to talk to someone directly, contact our helpful Customer Service Technicians today!

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Cast Your Vote For New Instructional Video Topics

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jan 22, 2016

Here at Sprayer Depot, we want to be your go-to source for all content pertaining to spray equipment and related industries. Whether it's via our Monthly Deal Finder email, our posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, blog posts or our YouTube channel, we want to share quality, fun and interesting industry-related content that YOU might need and want to see.

With more than 50,000 views on our YouTube channel, we know that videos are a popular platform to deliver great content and can be quickly accessed anywhere at anytime. We currently have a wide selection of quick and informative instructional videos and are planning on expaning our library this year. This is where your feedback comes in; tell us what you'd like to learn about and we'll do our best to get that content out to you in the near future.

We've come up with 4 different types of videos that we think you'll enjoy: 

1) Repair Videos: We want to help you reduce downtime by sharing some easy DIY repairs that you can perform with basic tools and spare parts. We already have a few of these videos on our YouTube channel like the ever popular "Repairing a Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump".

2) Product Highlight: These types of videos showcase some of our most popular Kings Sprayers. You get an upclose look at the sprayer parts and components, plus see them in action!

3) Tips and Tricks: Maybe you are looking for some tips for a better application? Or you want an easy way to take care of your sprayer? These videos fit the bill.

4) Behind the Scenes: If you've talked to any of our Customer Service Technicians, then you know we are fun and easy to do business with. These videos showcase the lighter side of Sprayer Depot. 

Make your voice heard and let us know what type of videos you want to see by answering the poll below. Like all of them? Vote for all four! 

What type of videos would you like to see on our YouTube channel?
Repair Videos
Product Highlight
Tips and Tricks
Behind the Scenes
Do Quizzes

 Thanks for voting! Check out our current videos on our Youtube Channel and don't forget to subscribe.


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Maintaining and Servicing Your Roller Pump

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Mon, Nov 16, 2015

Your pump will last longer and perform at its best if you keep up with routine service. How often should you maintain your pump will depend on how often you use it and the type of liquid being pumped. However, there are general guidelines that the manufacturer recommends should be followed to properly maintain your pump.

Hypro Roller Pumps are some of our most popular pumps. They are used across different industries such as pest control, weed control, horticulture and other agricultural applications.


For those of you unfamiliar with this type of pump, Hypro Roller Pumps come in three different materials: Cast Iron, Ni-Resist, and Silver Series XL. They are compatible with a variety of liquids and chemicals, require no check valves and are budget friendly.

Before performing any type of maintenance make sure you follow these safety measures:

  • Pump should be disconnected from its electrical, hydraulic, shaft driven, or gas engine power source.
  • Do not perform service or maintenance to the pump, or attached components, until the pump unit is below 109°F (43°C). 
  • When handling Hypro pumps, wear steel-toed shoes and protective gloves in order to protect your feet and hands. Eye protection should also be worn.
  • Any hazardous liquids should be disposed of in a manner which complies with local and national regulations. Never dump fluids onto the ground.
Cleaning your roller pump after every use is easy and will prevent downtime. Flush the pump with a neutralizing solution depending on the liquid just pumped. Follow this with a clean rinse using fresh water. Don't forget to wipe down the pump after each use to prevent deposits from forming and damaging it.

When you are ready to store your pump for a long period of time, make sure to drain it thoroughly. Open any drain plugs, remove the suction hose and blow it dry with air. An antifreeze/rust inhibitor should be injected into the pump before both ports are plugged and the pump is stored. Plug all ports to keep out air until pump is used again.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist


Shop for Roller Pumps

Do you currently use one of these pumps? Share with us your experience! 


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Choose the Right Roller Pump

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Hypro roller pumpChoosing the right roller pump for your sprayer and application needs can be tricky. After all, the pump is the heart of the sprayer and roller pumps are the top all-around choice for agriculture and industrial spraying. This includes turf spraying of herbicides and pesticides, liquid fertilizers and many other liquids. These spray pumps have a low initial cost and are pretty versatile too. Still, there’s no one solution that meets everyone’s needs making the search for the best solution at times mystifying.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, it’s important to note the basics. A roller pump has 4 to 8 rollers depending on the model, that revolve inside the pump housing to force the spray solution out to the nozzle. These pumps operate at PTO speeds of 540 and 1000 rpm – a definite point to note for choosing the right pump. Roller pumps have a pressure range up to 300 psi and flow rates up to 74 gpm. These products are self-priming and easily adapt to PTO or gas engine drives. These pumps require no check valves while providing positive displacement characteristics. Got it? Good. Now let’s get into choosing the right roller pump.

Consider this real-life scenario that one of our customers shared with us:

“I bought a used 55 gallon tank sprayer with wand and boom for spraying weeds and fire control. It had a 4 roller pump on it that quit/froze a year and a half ago. I replaced with another 4 roller pump and this spring it froze again. The sprayer has a 3hp Briggs motor with a 5/8'' shaft. I would like to know if I can use a larger pump and/or what you would suggest.”

Know the answer? If not, take a look at the steps below for easy identification of the roller pump that will meet your needs. Or skip ahead and check out the solution for this particular scenario.

3 Steps for Pump Selection:

1.) Determine your highest spraying pressure (psi).

For spray guns, 40 psi is often typical at the nozzle, but to properly select a pump that can deliver the right spray pressure, you should calculate it yourself. Keep in mind that pressure losses are normal and should be factored into the equation. It’s recommended that you add 120 psi for system pressure losses.

Desired Pressure at Nozzle (psi)
+ Hose Pressure Loss (psi)
Total Pump Pressure Needed (psi)

2.) Calculate the total pump flow (gpm) using the formula below.

Now you’ll need to know the boom flow and agitation for that calculation. You can determine your boom flow (gpm) by multiplying the gpm per nozzle by the number of nozzles. The flow required for agitation is a little easier as that is determined by tank size. For a 500-gallon tank you’re looking at 25gpm, 750-gallon tank will be 37 gpm, 1,000-gallon tank at 50 gpm and 1,500-gallon tank at 75 gpm.  

Boom Flow (gpm)  
+ Agitation (gpm)
Total Pump Flow (gpm)

3.) Choose the pump based on the manufacturer’s catalog performance charts.

Sounds simple, but in addition to the numbers you just crunched you’ll also want to keep chemical compatibility in mind. Specific seal, roller and casting materials can be selected for compatibility with certain herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. The three housing material options – Cast Iron such as the Delavan line, Ni-Resist or Silver (for these purposes we’ll be referring to Hypro’s Silver Series XL roller pumps) – are particularly important for total pump life. Studies have shown, especially with weed control chemicals such as Roundup that the Silver Series XL line is more durable and affords a 10x longer pump life.

Now back to our example. This customer had a standard gas engine without gear reduction. In that case, the best solution was to replace the pump with another 4 roller pump (product 4101C) and keep an eye on maintenance for better long-term wear. Another solution would have been to use a different model, but that would have resulted in purchasing a gear reduced engine. In the long run, this customer was better off just replacing the pump with the same model.

Have anything to add or a dilemma our technical gurus can assist with? Share in the comments below or contact us today.

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