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35 Gallon Skid Sprayer Comparison Guide: At-a-Glance

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Aug 01, 2017

Small capacity skid sprayers are frequently used in the lawn & landscape, pest control, golf & recreation and nursery industries, and most of the business we serve own at least one of these popular types of sprayers.

In this prior post we talked about the reasons an economy spot sprayer is beneficial to keep in your sprayer inventory and in this post, we'll compare 3 small capacity skid sprayers to take a closer look at some of the key features most important to spray applicators.

 Manufacturer Fimco Kings Sprayers Master MFG
 Sprayer Type 40 Gallon Skid Sprayer 35 Gallon Skid Sprayer 35 Gallon Skid Sprayer
 Sprayer Image Fimco-Skid-Sprayer.jpg Kings-35-Gallon-Skid.jpg   Master-MFG-Skid-Sprayer.jpg
Price $780.56 $625 $999 
Frame Steel 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum  Steel
Pump 12 V Diaphragm Pump 12 V ShurFLO Pump  12 V ShurFLO Pump
Hose Length 15' 30'  200'
Hose Reel No NO  YES
PSI 45 150  100
Adjustable Pressure YES YES  YES
Agitation NO YES  YES
Warranty 90 Days 5 Year Frame/5 Year Tank/ 1 Year Parts & Labor 1 Year Limited Warranty
Ship Time 1-3 Weeks Ships Same Day  7-11 Days

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What You'll Need to Combat Gypsy Moths This Season

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Apr 07, 2017

With the return of spring comes the return of some of our favorite things: sunshine, daffodils, warm breezes, and blue skies. Unfortunately for the North East, it can also mean the return of the dreaded gypsy moth. Gypsy-Moth.jpgAccording to the Boston Globe, “environmental officials are predicting widespread defoliation from gypsy moths again in 2017…[and] forest health specialists are advising people to hire certified arborists or someone licensed to apply… pesticides to bring the population back down to manageable levels.”

About Gypsy Moths

It is one of the most damaging pests because it has the ability to defoliate over a million acres of trees in a single year. Gypsy moths get their name from their ability to stow away on moving objects; dispersal occurs when people transport gypsy moth eggs thousands of miles from infested areas on cars, firewood, household goods, and other personal possessions. They are also often transported on shipments of nursery stock.

It’s the caterpillars that are particularly problematic to homeowners because only the caterpillar stage of the gypsy moth feeds. The caterpillars feed on more than 500 tree species but especially like oak and other hardwoods. They eat the leaves, and can completely strip trees of greenery. This causes the trees to become more vulnerable to damage. These damages then will potentially cause death to the tree if they're harmed repeatedly over a few years.

Fighting Gypsy Moths With the Right Spray Equipment

What do you do if you find these troublesome caterpillars? Pesticides may be the most effective method of reducing the number of larvae and protecting the foliage of trees. However, managing the gypsy moth can be a difficult task if you don’t have the correct equipment because they tend to prefer trees that are taller than the typical pesticide sprayer can handle, with larva usually emerging in trees that are 45-90 feet tall.

The type of equipment needed for this range of tree height are the larger skid and trailer sprayers. For the tallest trees on the property you will need a large capacity Sprayer-for-Gypsy-Moths.jpgsprayer with a long-range. The Kings Sprayer 735 Gallon Skid Sprayer can handle spraying 75-80' in the air. It's great for tree-spraying and can be used in truck beds, utility vehicles, boats and trailers. A slightly more compact option would be a tow-behind two-wheeled sprayer like this one, but its compact size decreases its spray capacity and will only reach tree heights of about 65’. 

For smaller trees applying a pesticide using a smaller two-wheeled Kings-Sprayers-200-Gallon-Trailor-Sprayerjpg.jpgsprayer like this 200 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer is your best bet. This sprayer can be easily towed behind a utility vehicle and can reach trees with heights in the range of 45’-50’.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service has more information available about the impending descent of the gypsy moth upon our yards and trees, here.


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Shhhh... 3 Big Reasons Why You Need an Electric Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Tue, Apr 04, 2017

As spring arrives, so do those phone calls from potential clients. If you are receiving a lot of work from clients who live in communities with noise ordinances or Home Owner Associations (HOAs), Kings-Sprayers-Electric-Sprayer.jpgor you simply want to be more considerate to those who live around your job site, you should consider adding an electric sprayer to your inventory. These sprayers are significantly more quiet than many other models and will allow you to get the job done efficiently while being respectful to the neighborhood... at any time of day. Plus, you'll be able to promote this option to potential clients, making you stand out from the competition.

Electric sprayers also offer a few other added benefits:

Electric sprayers allow for a more eco-friendly company. In today’s world where clients are Kings-Sprayers-4-Wheel-Electric-Sprayer.jpgbecoming more and more concerned about environmental issues, it is important to present your company with as “green” an image as possible. Since these sprayers don’t use gasoline they are cleaner than a gas guzzling engine.  

Additionally, they often have a lower cost than many gas-powered sprayers. You can get commercial-grade quality, but still save some money if you’re looking for something that can be used in truck beds, utility vehicles, boats and trailers. A 50 gallon skid sprayer offers an economical price but doesn’t lack in efficiency.  

Similarly, electric sprayers generally take up less space in the vehicle. Kings-Sprayers-100-Gallon-Electric.jpgThe electric pump & motor is usually smaller than a gas operated sprayer which will allow you to use a smaller vehicle for transport. This 100-gallon model is only 38 inches wide which will leave more space in your truck bed for other equipment.  

Silence is golden. If neighborhood of golf course work draws your business this season electric engines will be your best bet as they make almost no noise as opposed to gas-powered sprayers. This can allow you operator to operate earlier in the day without disturbing clients and neighbors or ruining someone’s perfect golf swing. You’d want a model that can be pulled behind a utility vehicle for golf course use, which also has an electric motor to reduce disruptions. 

If you’re in need of new or quieter spray equipment this season, let us help you. Talk to one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians at 800-228-0905.

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3 Impressive Examples of Custom Built Sprayers

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Mar 08, 2017

Spring is almost here and for many of us that means spray season is fast approaching. While sprayers are available in many configurations, with options for tank size, pump capacity, hose length and more, sometimes it makes sense to custom-build one to get exactly what you want. Our helpful Customer Service Technicians can talk you through the process and help determine if a custom-built sprayer is right for you.  

We thought it would be fun to share some of the most impressive custom-built sprayers ever to come out of Sprayer Depot.  These sprayer designs started out a "custom" models and have been requested so often that we've featured them on our website. Pretty cool.

Kings Sprayers


Kings Sprayers 200/100 Gallon Skid Sprayer



Kings Sprayers Custom-Built Skid Sprayer.jpg

  • Kings Sprayers 200/100 gallon dual tank skid sprayer with 10 gpm diaphragm pump & dual electric hose reels with 300' 1/2" ID hose
  • Great for tree-spraying and can be used in truck beds, utility vehicles, boats and trailers
  • $7,200.00

Kings Sprayers 500 Gallon Trailer Sprayer



  • Kings Sprayers 500 gallon highway ready trailer sprayer w/ 35 gpm diaphragm pump & electric reel
  • Great for spraying trees up to 80' in the air-  high flow pump also great for drenching and transferring liquids quickly
  • $11,250.00

Kings Sprayers 535 Gallon Skid Sprayer

Kings Sprayers-535-Gallon-Sprayer.jpg


  • Kings Sprayers 535 gallon skid sprayer with 15 gpm diaphragm pump and dual manual hose reels 
  • Dual manual hose reels with 300' 1/2" ID spray hose
  • $6,200.00

We're happy to help you determine which sprayer model best fits your business needs. Call, email or use the Live Chat feature on our website. However you choose to contact us, we're here to help!


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Don't Miss the 2017 Kings Sprayers Buyer's Guide

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Mar 03, 2017

If you're in the market for a new sprayer, you won't want to miss the 2017 Kings Sprayers Buyer's Guide. See the entire line of Kings Sprayers, complete with sprayer dimensions, standard features, and options.  Use this Buyer's Guide to help determine which sprayer best fits your needs.

Click HERE to get the 2017 Kings Sprayers Buyer's Guide


Let Us Help

Need help determining which sprayer best fits your needs? Our highly trained Customer Service Technicians are the best in the industry. Just check the customer reviews on our Facebook page, or take a look at this previous post about customer testimonials and it's pretty clear that our customers are extremely satisfied with the support they get from our customer service team. Not only that, our Bizrate score is a whopping 9.6 out of 10 stars. We're proud of our customer satisfaction rating and work hard to maintain it. Our knowledgeable team can answer you questions via phone, live chat, email, or even from our social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. 

QuickShip® Sprayers

There are 13 sprayers in the Kings Sprayers QuickShip® program. DawnK3PTH100B12-actual_BAN.jpgThese sprayers are in inventory and available to ship the SAME day.* No waiting required! Look for the "Ships Same Day" banner on our website. 

Click Here to Talk to a Customer Service  Technician


*Must be ordered by 12:00 p.m. (ET)

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3 Products Every Pest Control Operator Wants

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Feb 17, 2017

Here at Sprayer Depot, spray equipment is serious business. We live, eat and breathe it. We make it our top priority to know as much as we can about every piece of spray equipment available on the market. 

One of the biggest industries we serve is the pest control industry. According to the report “A Strategic Analysis of the U.S. Structural Pest Control Industry” from Specialty Consultants, and published in Pest Control Technology, the professional pest control industry generated an estimated $7.8 billion in total service revenue in 2015, a 4.7 percent increase from the $7.4 billion measured in 2014. It's expected to grow to $10 billion in service revenue in 2020.

Voted "Most Popular"

With a positive business outlook for 2017 and beyond, U.S. pest control operators should plan ahead and keep essential parts and equipment on-hand in order to maximize growth opportunities. These products top the list of our most popular pest control equipment:


 Same Day Shipping Available

Orders placed by 5:00 pm (ET) ship the SAME DAY. Guaranteed! While some sprayer models are exempt from this policy, we offer 13 QuickShip.™ sprayers that are in stock and ready to ship. These are identified by the "Ships Same Day" banner on our website and must be ordered by 12:00 p.m. (ET). 

Need product recommendations? Our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians can help. Call 800-228-0905 or use the Live Chat feature on our website.

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Why 2017 Is a Great Year for a New Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jan 27, 2017

The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about buying KS100P7027-Kings Sprayers.jpgnew spray equipment.  For many, the colder weather means a break in the spray season and using this "quiet time" to take inventory, evaluate equipment needs, and research new spray equipment options will pay off in the long run.

2016 Was a Record Year For Sprayer Sales

At Sprayer Depot, 2016 was a record year for sprayer sales, and we're gearing up for the new year by having plenty of Kings Sprayers Quickship™ sprayers in stock and ready to ship. Just order any of these thirteen sprayer models by 12:00 p.m. (ET), and they'll ship the very SAME day.

Take a look at this list of our five most popular sprayers of 2016. To see our complete sprayer product line, click here. Remember we can also custom-build a sprayer to meet your exact needs (it's easier and less expensive than you think). Read more about custom-built sprayers in this previous blog post.

Most Popular Sprayers of 2016

  1. The Kings Sprayers 100 Gallon Skid Sprayer tops the list as our most popular sprayer of 2016.  This versatile sprayer is great for tree-spraying and can be used in truck beds, utility vehicles, boats and trailers. It's one of our best-sellers and is part of the Kings Sprayers QuickShip™ program.
  2. The second most popular sprayer in 2016 was the Kings Sprayers 50 Gallon 3-Point Hitch Sprayer. This sprayer is great for hitching to a tractor in order to spray large areas like golf courses, athletic fields, pastures and lawns. An added bonus is that it's part of the QuickShip™ program.
  3. The third most popular sprayer in 2016 was the Kings Sprayers 4 Wheel Sprayer, Model # K4C100P7027. This easy-to-maneuver sprayer is great for use in tight areas due to a pivoting front axle and T-handle. It's perfect for greenhouse, nursery or orchard use. Plus, it's part of the QuickShip™ program so it ships the same day if it's ordered by 12:00 p.m (ET) 
  4. The Kings Sprayers 50 Gallon Skid Sprayer was our fourth most popular sprayer last year. One of our best-selling sprayers of all time, this QuickShip™ skid sprayer is ideal in truck beds, utility vehicles, boats and trailers. It's also popular for spraying trees. 
  5. The Kings 100 Gallon 2-Wheel Sprayer came in fifth place on our list. Great for tree, shrub and turf spraying, this 2-wheel QuickShip™ sprayer can be pulled with a utility vehicle or compact trailer and is ideal for lawns, pastures, golf courses and athletic fields. 

Need help in finding the right sprayer for your needs? Our Customer Service Technicians can help. Just call 800-228-0905 or use the Live Chat feature on our website.


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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a De-Icing Sprayer

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Wed, Jan 25, 2017

What Is a De-Icing Sprayer and Why is it Useful?

There are many reasons why removing ice from equipment and other surfaces is a good idea. After all, it's common sense, right?  In many situations, the best piece of equipment for this job is a De-Icing Skid Sprayer. Investing in the right sprayer for the job can be confusing, so in this post we will highlight the benefits of the Kings Sprayers 100 Gallon De-Icing Skid Sprayer.     

Removing ice from utility vehicles, equipment, sidewalks and other icy surfaces is an important safety step and should be a consideration when operating in DE-Icing_Skid_Sprayerjpg.jpgwintry conditions. A De-Icing Skid Sprayer is a great option for these jobs and is also ideal for de-icing treatments of smaller spaces like parking lots, and office or condominium common areas. In the warmer months, the same sprayer can be used for weed management and dust control in these same areas, offering year round versatility.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Kings Sprayers De-Icing Skid Sprayer

Let's recap the top three reasons why you should invest in a Kings Sprayers De-Icing Skid Sprayer:

  1. It's versatile: Get the most out of one piece of equipment by using it for for various purposes.
  2. It's cost effective: At a list price of only $2,000, this sprayer will pay for itself in no time.
  3. It's a companion service to snow removal: Many landscaping companies offer various services in the off-season, like holiday lighting and snow plowing to help boost revenue opportunities in the slower months.  Adding a de-icing service creates a new opportunity to market to potential "off season" customers and stand out above the competition.

Got a question or need help determining the best sprayer to fit your needs? We can help! Just call 800-228-0905 or use the Live Chat feature on our website. 

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A Quick Wrap-Up of Our Week at the TPIE 2017

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jan 20, 2017

The Broward County Convention Center (BCC) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL set the stage this week for the annual TPIE: Tropical Plant Industry Exposition. Held Jan 18-20th, tpie2017-481220-edited.jpgthis year's trade show showcased the latest trends in foliage, florals and tropicals from leading growers from around the world, spread out over 5 acres of space at the BCC. While the official numbers were not available at the time of this post, TPIE 2016 boasted more than 6,200 exhibitors and buyers from 43 U.S. states and 46 countries, and this year's show promised to even bigger.

2017 Booth Award Winners

Wow! There were many exhibit booths that blew it out of the park. Our friends at Costa Farms won Best in Show for their attention-grabbing booth design. Check out more pictures and a complete list of winners by clicking HERE.  


Featured: Kings Sprayers 4-Wheel Sprayer

Even though Sprayer Depot's booth didn't win any awards this year (our fingers are crossed for the 2018 show), we saw old friends and met many new ones. We had a blast, and are already looking forward to next year's show. Our booth featured a Kings Sprayers 100 Gallon 4-Wheel Sprayer. Plus, we gave away some of our "Eat. Spray. Love" tee-shirts.



Missed us at the show? Post your comments or questions in the box below and we'll be sure to get right back to you. Or, use the live chat feature on our website to connect with a customer service technician. 

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3 Reasons Why Aluminum Frames Are Better

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Jan 13, 2017

Sprayer Frames: Steel or Aluminum? 

We often get asked what makes Kings Sprayers better than other sprayers on the market. Our response typically explains how the high quality components that are used to build Kings Sprayers result in a superior sprayer. For example, all Kings Sprayers are built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. 

In this blog post we'll discuss the benefits of aluminum frames and highlight three reasons why they're better than steel frames.

Take a close look at the two pictures below of a NorthStar steel frame sprayer that was recently brought to our Service & Repair Department. At barely a year old, this sprayer looks like it's ready for the junk yard! The paint has chipped off, the straps look dangerous and it won't be long before this frame starts to corrode and fall apart. So, while it may have cost less initially, in the long run it'll be a more expensive choice because the short life of the sprayer will result in the need to replace it with a brand new one.

Northstar Stainless steel sprayer.jpeg

NorthStar Sprayer.jpg

"Aluminum frames are often the best choice for spray equipment due to their resistance to rust and corrosion," said Sprayer Depot Sales Manager  Brandon Grossman . "Aluminum is also lightweight, typically 1/3 the weight of steel, which makes the wheeled sprayers easier to move around. Plus, because of the lighter weight, there's less wear and tear on any vehicle transporting a skid sprayer. We have had local customers bring in their 15 year old sprayer for pump repairs and the frame still looks brand new! It never needs a new coat of paint.  

In some situations, such as larger capacity sprayers with more weight, a steel frame may be a consideration," added Grossman.  "Steel is less likely to bend under weight, but this is only in extreme circumstances."

3 Benefits of Aluminum Sprayers 

  1. Aluminum sprayers will never rust or need to be painted.  All Kings Sprayers are built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum so they will never rust or require painting. 
  2. Aluminum sprayers are easy to maneuver.  A lightweight sprayer is much easier to maneuver than a steel sprayer, especially when spraying tight areas such as greenhouses, orchards or nurseries.
  3. Aluminum sprayers are chemical-resistant. Unlike steel sprayers which will corrode over time, aluminum is chemical-resistant so maintenance is kept to a minimum. 

To learn more about the advantages of aluminum frames, and see the high-quality craftsmanship of  Kings Sprayers, review this previous blog post

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