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Winterize Your Spray Equipment to Help it Last Longer

Posted by Marketing Manager on Tue, Nov 05, 2013

Is Your Sprayer Ready for the Winter?

Winter is almost here and for many part of the country, that means snow, ice and below-freezing weather.  To protect your sprayer, and help your spray equipment last longer, follow these easy steps:
  • Flush the system with clean water

  • Drain the tank and open all valves; Use compressed air to blow out any liquid from solution lines.Kings 100 Gallon 4-Wheel Trailer Sprayer

  • Run the pump just long enough to ensure that the system is drained of water

  • Run antifreeze through the system long enough to reach any hoses and booms (We recommend diluting the antifreeze 50/50 with either water or windshield washer fluid)

  • Store anything removable (guns, nozzle tips & strainers) in a clean, dry place

  • Cover any openings on the sprayer so that dirt, insects, etc. cannot enter the equipment 

Wear Protective Gear!

Remember to wear appropriate protective gear when cleaning herbicide or pesticide equipment. It's especially important to wear protective eye gear. 

Get additional information on winterizing your spray boom by downloading our step-by-step guide.

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