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Important Information About Spraying For Gypsy Moths

Posted by Sprayer Depot on Fri, Apr 20, 2018

Gypsy moth caterpillars can do a lot of damage to trees by eating all the leaves. You can often  tell if trees have been invaded by gypsy moth caterpillars by looking for the black spots under the trees,  all over the ground; this is caterpillar poop. Additionally, you may see moths flying around close to the trees.  Gypsy moths are most often found on Oak, Aspen, Willow, and Birch trees. Gypsy moths can be devastating for the trees and for the environment.

In mid to late spring, Gypsy moths can appear on your trees along with web like nests. They are easily identified by their yellow heads and fuzzy bodies. If you see signs of the moths and caterpillars, and you notice the leaves start to disappear from the trees, it's important to take action before the trees are damaged or even killed. One way to take care of the problem is to spray with an insecticide.

Sprayer Depot offers several sprayers to do the job, one being the Kings Sprayers brand 500 Gallon Highway Ready Trailer Sprayer  with 35 gpm pump and electric hose reelKings Sprayers Highway Ready 500 Gallon SprayerThis sprayer is manufactured with top of the line components and a heavy-duty steel frame, and sprays up to 35 gpm or up to 725 psi depending on your application. The extra hose length can spray hard to reach areas. Additionally, you can reach up to 80' vertically by increasing the pressure on the regulator.

Another excellent choice is the Kings Sprayers brand 200/200 Gallon Dual Tank Skid  with 35 gpm diaphragm pump and electric hose reelThis particular model is manufactured with a lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. It can spray up to 35 gpm or up to 725 psi depending on your application. 

And lastly, the Kings Sprayers brand 735 Gallon Skid with 35 gpm diaphragm and electric hose reel with 300' 3/4" ID hose is another excellent choice for reaching 735 Gallon Skid Sprayerthe heights required to spray gypsy moths. This particular sprayer can be mounted in a truck, UTV, on a trailer or even in a boat.  Spray up to 35 gpm or up to 725 psi depending on the application. 

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If you need to combat Gypsy moths before they take over, the team at Sprayer Depot can assist you with any of your questions or concerns. As one of the largest suppliers of professional spray equipment, parts and accessories in the U.S., Sprayer Depot is the industry leader. With more than 40 years of experience, the team at Sprayer Depot serves the lawn and landscape, pest control, golf and recreation, agricultural and horticultural industries.

Sprayer Depot is committed to serving you!

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